Performing Approval and Publishing Steps

Information to help you approve and publish changes to your DTM account after you have performed debugging and QA steps.

Depending on your DTM user-level access, you may or may not be able to approve or publish changes to your DTM account. Typically, organizations divide access rights among users to ensure that a code review process is enforced before any new code is added to the website by DTM. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that you add descriptive information in the Notes field before saving any changes in DTM. This helps other DTM users vetting new DTM rules to understand the intent of the changes being made.

The following sections contain more information:

Approving Changes

If you have Approver privileges, unapproved changes are flagged in the Approvals navigation tab.

The Approvals page highlights the individual changes that were made. To approve the change, click Approve.

Publishing Changes

If you have Publishing privileges, click Publish Property in the upper right corner of the DTM property’s Overview page to publish all approved changes.

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