A Revolutionary new Reading Experience in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Welcome! You’re likely here because you discovered Liquid Mode, a revolutionary new document reading experience in the Adobe Acrobat Reader phone app. Powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology, Liquid Mode is designed to help you easily read documents on your phone and tablet.

Since it’s enabled by AI and machine learning, your experience with this feature will continue to evolve and improve as it learns over time.

System requirements

What devices are supported?

  • iOS 12 or later.
  • Android phones 5.0 and later.

Android devices with less than 1GB of RAM or x86 processors are not yet supported.

What languages are supported?

Adobe Liquid Mode is currently available for English, Spanish, French and German, Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Romanian, Catalan


See this blog for an overview of accessibility features related to Liquid Mode.

Frequently asked questions

Is this experience secure for my data and documents?

We value your privacy and trust and make it a priority when you use our products. When you use this feature:

  • Files are processed in our secure data servers and immediately deleted from our servers after the experience is generated.
  • Your files are kept private unless you share them with others.

To learn more about how we protect your privacy when you use Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app, please visit Adobe Privacy Center.

Does this experience change your document’s content?

No, this experience does not change any content. Simply tap on the drop-shaped icon again to revert to your original page view.

What kind of files are best suited for Liquid Mode?

Most files are compatible. For a list of files which might not be available in Liquid Mode, see the next FAQ.

What files cannot leverage Liquid Mode?

If your file PDF has one or more of the following properties, it may not be available in Liquid Mode:

  • More than 200 pages

  • More than 10 MB in size

  • Scanned

  • Converted from presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, etc.)

  • Encrypted or password protected

  • Not in one of the supported languages listed above

  • Complex layouts (eg. tickets, statements, invoices, receipts etc.). Please view the following PDFs in their original layout for the best experience:

    • Documents containing mostly tables and charts (e.g. spreadsheets)
    • Documents containing mostly images (e.g. illustrations, CAD drawings)
    • Forms
    • Non-standard page sizes such as posters and business cards

How do I submit my feedback or report an issue about this experience?

  1. Open the Liquid Mode view.

  2. Tap the blue feedback icon on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

  3. Select Provide Feedback

  4. Navigate to Category and select a category.

  5. Navigate to Describe your Issue and enter your feedback.

  6. If you’d like to share your document to help us troubleshoot, check the check box: Share my document with Adobe (You must be logged in).

  7. Tap Submit to send feedback using your default email account.


    If your file does not convert to Liquid Mode, tap on the overflow icon in the top menu, and select Provide Feedback on Adobe Liquid Mode.


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