Adobe Scan work in tandem with your device settings to help you pre-configure scan workflows so that your experience is better and your scans more efficient.

Scan app settings

Adobe Scan settings allow you to control features such as cellular data usage, text recognition, and so on. To change your settings:

  1. Open the app and log in.
  2. Tap image


Enable-disable cellular data

By default, cellular data usage is enabled on devices with cellular access. To disable cellular data, tap image > Preferences > Allow Cellular Data Usage.

When the device’s settings screen opens, disable/enable Scan’s ability to use cell data.

Text recognition settings (OCR)

Disabling text recognition

By default, the app automatically converts image text in scans to actual text (optical character recognition or OCR). All scans start out as an image, and conversion to text allows you to edit, markup, and work with text. You can disable this feature.

  1. Tap image > Preferences.
  2. Disable Run Text Recognition.

Setting the text recognition language

By default, the text recognition language is set to the language of your device. Change the default as follows:

  1. Tap image > Preferences.
  2. Tap Text Recognition Language.
  3. Select your language.
  4. Tap Done.

Supported languages include: English, Dutch, Japanese, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Czech, and Polish.


Save scans to Photos

You can automatically save scans (images) on your device:

  1. Tap image > Preferences.
  2. Enable Save Original to Photos.

Adjusting borders

You can configure the capture workflow business cards so that the border adjustment handles appear after each capture. When enabled, the crop handles appear, and you can crop the image on-the-fly prior to another scan or reviewing the entire scan.

  1. Tap image > Preferences.
  2. Enable Let me adjust borders after each scan.

Setting the default filename

The scan app names all files “Adobe Scan (current date)” by default. However, you can change the title, date format, and add any string as needed. Custom names can help you organize and find files.

  1. Tap image > Preferences.
  2. Tap Default Filename in the File Naming box.
  3. Place your cursor in the Name text field and delete or add text. Tap any Suggestion to automatically add that item.


Product improvement program

By default, the app sends usage data to Adobe so that the engineering team can improve the product and provide you with a more personalized experience. To unenroll:

  1. Tap image > About Adobe Scan.
  2. Disable Send Usage Info.


Writing a review

Reviews help us learn what we’re doing right or wrong. Feedback is always welcome. To write a review:

  1. Tap image > About Adobe Scan.
  2. Tap the text: “If you enjoy using Adobe Scan. . .”

Theme: light and dark mode

… caution:: Is this on iOS?

Choose between light or dark mode as follows:

  1. Tap image > Preferences.

  2. In the App Theme box, tap the drop down arrow.

  3. Choose one of the following:

    • Auto: The default for Android 6 and later.
    • Light: The standard theme usually displayed by Auto.
    • Dark: The default when the Battery Saver is active. Dark mode requires Android 6 or later.


Capture screen settings

Auto scan

Enabling auto scan allows the app to automatically detect borders and capture images. Crop handles immediately appear on the capture so that you can adjust on the fly. Disabling auto scan allows you to quickly tap and scan multiple page; in this case, you’ll adjust borders later.

Enable and disable auto-capture from the capture screen:

  1. Initiate a scan.
  2. Tap image Auto-Capture On.

When disabled, the icon changes to image Auto-Capture Off. To capture an image, tap the shutter button.

Controlling the flash

For devices equipped with a flash, you set it to always on, always off, or auto (only use in dark settings):

  1. Initiate a scan.

  2. Tap the icon to toggle through the options:

    • image
    • image
    • image

An A appears next to the flash icon when set to automatic.

Connecting an email app

If you’ve set up an email account on your iOS device, an email option appears as one of the share options in the file context menu. The image does not appear if you have not connected an email account.

To configure an email account:

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Tap Accounts and Passwords > Add Account.
  3. Complete the account setup workflow.


Allowing access to device features

Adobe Scan requires access to your camera. After you install the app, you’ll be prompted to allow camera access as well as whether or not you’d like to receive push notifications. However, you can configure permissions at a later time.

To set permissions:

  1. Go to your device’s settings.
  2. Scroll to Adobe Scan.
  3. Tap the feature you want to configure.


Dark mode

For users of iOS 13+, the October, 2019 release supports dark mode. Dark mode’s high contrast display may improve readability in low light environments as well as extend battery life. For some users, dark mode is an important accessibility feature that maintains color meaning and preserves image representation better than the night mode feature.

  1. Go to your device’s settings screen.
  2. Tap Display and Brightness.
  3. Choose light or dark mode.


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