Sharing & reviewing

Acrobat Reader’s supports sharing, tracking, and managing file shares whether read-only or sent for a collaborative review. Review service subscribers can easily enable team collaboration and collect feedback on any file. Highlights include:

  • Sharing view-only files (free) or sharing files for review (subscription) so that recipients can comment and markup files
  • A Share user interface and feature set that’s similar across the desktop, web, and mobile devices
  • Always synchronized files across any connected device
  • Easy controls for creating, participating in, and managing reviews
  • Real-time notifications of file views, changes, and participation as well as support for @mention tags
  • Pan, zoom, or scroll while in commenting mode.

Share and Review tags

You can easily determine a file’s share status since the app’s file lists indicate whether a file is simply Shared (view-only) or in Review. For example, when you search for a file, the search result displays the share tag as either SHARED or REVIEW. You can also use the Share view’s share tabs to determine what files are view-only or in review.


Share and Review tabs

When no document is open, you can view all your shared files from the Shared view.

  1. Tap image to view your shared files.

  2. Tap either For Viewing or For Review tabs to see your separate file lists.


    Both tabs list files grouped by Shared with you and Shared by you.


Initiating a share or review

Sharing a file is easy, and you can track and manage the share from your mobile device, the desktop, and the web. You’ll receive push notifications when reviewers participate.

  1. Open a PDF. If the top menu is not visible, tap the document.
  2. Tap image
  3. Add 1 or more email addresses.
  4. Optional: Tap the subject line and/or message text box to edit them.
  5. If you’re sending the file for review, enable Allow comments for review. View files are read-only. Review files allow recipients to add comments and annotations.
  6. For reviews, you can set a deadline: Tap image > Set Deadline. Set your date and tap OK.
  7. Choose Send.

The file automatically uploads to Document Cloud. Document recipients can access the file from the web as well as their desktop or phone. Alternatively, you can share a link to the file or a copy of the file.


Share options also include sharing a copy of a file or sharing a link to the file.

  • Sharing a link saves bandwidth and provides access to files stored in the cloud.
  • Sharing a file copy may save users time and provides alternate ways to deliver the file. For example, you can send a file as an email attachment.

To do so, use the Share method described above, and tap Create Link or Share a Copy.


If you don’t enter any email addresses prior to choosing Create Link or Share a Copy, the app invokes your app list. You can then email the file, save a copy to Google Drive, or share the file with any supported app you’ve installed.


Reviewing files

The review feature allows you to add comments and annotations, edit comments, reply to comments, and receive notifications when there is activity on your thread comments.

  1. When you receive a review invitation email, click the link. Clicking on a link in 3rd party mobile apps automatically opens the Acrobat Reader in the review.

  2. Sign In with your Adobe ID. The advantage of signing in is that you can edit or delete your comments at any time, including future sessions.

  3. Choose Join Review.

  4. Add, reply to, and delete comments as usual.

  5. The document is automatically saved, and all reviewers will see your comments.


    Using the image tag sends a push notification to the named reviewer. The app also sends notifications whenever a comment or annotation is added or changed.


Working with comments

When you tap on a comment, the app shows the edit tools. From here you can:

  • Open the complete comment list.

  • Resolve comments (mark as read).

  • Edit the color of your own annotations.

  • Delete your own comments.

  • Edit your own comments.

  • Navigate through the comments.

  • Reply.


Replying to a comment

You can respond to a comment in two ways:

  • From the comments list, tap the comment, enter text, and tap Reply.

  • From a document, tap a sticky note, tap image, enter text, and tap Reply.


Mentioning a specific reviewer

In addition to replying to someone’s comment, you can use the @mention tag to refer to them directly. Doing so sends the named user a notification that they have been specifically mentioned.

To use the tag:

  1. Create a new comment or reply to a comment.

  2. Tap image to display a list of reviewer names.

  3. Tap of one of the reviewer names.

  4. Finish your comment and tap Reply or Post.


Edit and delete comments

You can remove comments and replies when you are the author:

  1. Tap the comment.
  2. Tap image
  3. Tap Edit Reply or Delete Reply.

Reviewing offline

You can review files even when offline. The app saves your comments and syncs them to the document once you have a connection.

Finding and navigating comments

Viewing the comments list

To display comments:

  • Tap image, or
  • Tap image > Comments List.

Filtering comments

The app provides a number of ways to filter comments so that you can easily find what you need. You can filter by time frame, reviewers, and whether or not the comment is read or resolved.

  1. Tap image

  2. Tap any filters.

  3. Tap Apply.


Clearing filters

One you’ve applied a comment filter, a filter bar appears on the top of the document which displays the number of selected filters and a Clear button. Tap Clear to remove all filters.


When documents contain a large number of comments, use the navigation tools:

  • From the comments list, scroll up and down the comments.

  • From a specific comment, scroll left and right through the comments.


Viewing notifications

The desktop, mobile, and web platforms provide a rich notification service which alerts you to file changes, messages from reviewers, and other items. Simply tap image to view the latest notifications.

There are two types of notifications: Requests and simple messages. Requests are like action items–these may be direct messages, requests to review a file, and so on.


Notifications include deadlines, reminders, real-time messages from the sender, and other messages. Depending on what you’ve permitted, notifications may also appear on your device’s home screen.


Managing reviews

While you will receive a notification email when reviewers view and comment on your file, you can actively monitor and track reviews online or from the desktop.

Once you’ve shared a file, you can track and manage that share. From any file list, select a file and use the right-hand pane to perform an action.

Features include:

  • Send reviewers a real-time message. Messages are received as notifications
  • View the reviewer list and how many comments each reviewer has added
  • See who has viewed the file and when
  • Add reviewers
  • Unshare files and delete reviews

To manage a review when a document is open, simply tap image.



The app provides similar functionality for shared files (view-only files not in a review).

Viewing review status

When a review file is open, the top bar displays and overview of the review’s current status. It indicates:

  • Document sync status. Changed files are automatically synced with Document Cloud. Files that have been saved display a green circle.

  • The number of reviewers (count the avatars)

  • Document title

  • The number of comments available based on the currently selected comment filter


Setting review deadlines

You can specify a deadline when setting up a review so that the review automatically ends.

  1. Tap image

  2. Set the calendar widget.

  3. Tap Done.


    Notifications are sent out when a share ends.


Adding reviewers

The review initiator can add reviewers to an open share/review at any time.

From any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap image
  2. Tap Participants.
  3. Tap Add.
  4. Enter an email address and tap Add Participants.

Checking who has viewed a file

Document recipients who have not yet opened a file appear in the recipient list with image next to their name.

From any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap image

  2. Tap Recipients.


Viewing the review message

If you need to review the initial message you sent when you share the file, from any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap image

  2. Tap Message.


From any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap image
  2. Tap Copy Review Link.

The link is copied to your clipboard.

Unshare a file

From any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap image
  2. Tap Unshare.
  3. Tap Unshare again to confirm.

Unsharing a file prevents future access to that file for all users.

Delete a share or review

Only review initiators can delete their review. From any file list (Home, Shared, or search result):

  1. Tap image

  2. Tap Delete.

  3. Tap Delete again to confirm.


    Removing share and review privileges does not delete the file.

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