Send notifications using Acrobat Sign for Salesforce and Marketo

Learn how to send a text message, email, or push notification to let the signer know an agreement is on its way using Acrobat Sign, Acrobat Sign for Salesforce, Marketo, and the Marketo Salesforce Sync. To send notifications from Marketo, you first need to purchase or configure a Marketo SMS management feature. This walkthrough uses Twilio SMS, but other Marketo SMS solutions are available.


  1. Install the Marketo Salesforce Sync.

    Information and the latest plugin for Salesforce Sync is available here.

  2. Install Acrobat Sign for Salesforce.

    Information about this plugin is available here.

Find the custom object

Once the Marketo Salesforce Sync and Acrobat Sign for Salesforce configurations are complete, several new options appear in the Marketo Admin Terminal.


Object Sync

  1. Click Sync Schema if this is your first time. Otherwise, click Refresh Schema.


  2. If global sync is running, disable by clicking Disable Global Sync.


  3. Click Refresh Schema.

    Refresh 2

Sync the custom objects

On the right side, see Lead, Contact, and Account-based custom objects.

Enable Sync for the objects under Lead if you want to trigger when a Lead is added to an agreement in Salesforce.

Enable Sync for the objects under Contact if you want to trigger when a Contact is added to an agreement in Salesforce.

Enable Sync for the objects under Account if you want to trigger when an Account is added to an agreement in Salesforce.

  1. Enable Sync for the custom objects shown under the desired Parent (Lead, Contact, or Account).

    Custom Objects

  2. The following assets show how to Enable Sync.

    Custom Sync 1

    Custom Sync 2

  3. When finished enabling sync on the Custom Objects, reactivate the sync.

    Enable Global

Create the program

  1. In the Marketing Activities section of Marketo, right-click on Marketing Activities on the left bar, select New Campaign Folder, and give it a name.

    New Folder

  2. Right-click on the created folder, select New Program, and give it a name. Leave everything else as default, then click Create.

    New Program 1

    New Program 2

Set up Twilio SMS

First ensure you have an active Twilio account and purchased the SMS features you require.

Setting up the Marketo - Twilio SMS webhook requires three Twilio parameters from your account.

  • Account SID
  • Account Token
  • Twilio Phone Number

Retrieve these parameters from your account, now open up your Marketo instance.

  1. Click on Admin in the top right.


  2. Click on Webhooks, then New Webhook.


  3. Enter a Webhook Name and Description.

  4. Enter the following URL and be sure to replace the [ACCOUNT_SID] and [AUTH_TOKEN] with your Twilio credentials.

  5. Select POST as your Request type.

  6. Enter the following Template and be sure to replace [MY_TWILIO_NUMBER] with your Twilio phone number and [YOUR_MESSAGE] with a message of your choosing.

    From=%2B1[MY_TWILIO_NUMBER]&To=%2B1{{lead.Mobile Phone Number:default=edit me}}&Body=[YOUR_MESSAGE]
  7. Set the Request Token Encoding to Form/URL.

  8. Set the Response type to JSON then click Save.

Set up the Smart Campaign Trigger

  1. In the Marketing Activities section, right-click on the program you created, then select New Smart Campaign.

    Smart Campaign 1

  2. Name it, then click Create.

    Smart Campaign 2

    If the configuration for the Custom Object Sync was done correctly, you should see the following triggers available for use under the Salesforce folder.

  3. Click and drag Added to Agreement to the Smart List. Add any constraints you wish to have on the trigger.

    Added to Agreement 2

Set up the Smart Campaign Flow

  1. Click on the Flow tab in the Smart Campaign. Search for and drag the Call Webhook flow onto the canvas and select the webhook you created in the previous section.

    Call Webhook

  2. Your SMS notice campaign for leads who are added to an agreement is now set up.


This tutorial is part of the course Accelerate sales cycles with Acrobat Sign for Salesforce and Marketo that is available for free on Experience League!

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