Getting started overview

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Get up-to-speed on how to send, sign, and track documents with these brief step-by-step tutorials. Get a quick tour of Adobe Sign and then jump into sending a document to one or more people. This content is designed to ease you into e-signature workflows.


Quick tour of Adobe Sign
Take a quick tour of the Adobe Sign interface to get up and running
Sending to single recipient
Jump in and learn how easy it is send a document out for signature
Sending to multiple recipients
Send a document for e-signature to more than one person in exactly the order you want


Electronically signing a document
Learn how easy it is to sign a document that has been sent to you with Adobe Sign
Filling and signing a document
Fill in forms and add your electronic signature to documents
Getting a signature in person
Get someone else's signature in person using the Adobe Sign mobile app
Signing using a digital signature
Sign a document with a cloud-based digital signature — based on digital certificates by trusted third parties
Signing using a stamp
Use stamps to mark a document approved or completed


Managing and tracking documents
Manage and track agreements that you've sent for signature
Creating a document template
Create a reusable document template to provide speed and consistency for your organization
Modifying a document already sent for signature
Modify the workflow for a document that's already in progress

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