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Adobe Sign Skill Builders are 30-minute sessions designed to put your e-signatures to work—without adding any extra work to your day. Each month a new topic is highlighted.

Monthly sessions

  • Easy Automation with Adobe Sign for Microsoft Power Automate
    Date: July 22, 2021
    Learn how to take manual processes out of your e-signature workflows. The Adobe Sign connector for Microsoft Power Automate makes it easy to set up simple or complex automation for your Adobe Sign agreements. You can automatically route signed documents to SharePoint; add custom info to an agreement name; map web form fields to CSV data; and much more. This session will introduce you to what’s possible with Adobe Sign for Microsoft Power Automate.

  • 12.2 release on-demand recording
    Date: June 17, 2021
    See what’s new in the Adobe Sign 12.2 release. The latest updates include: support for multi-signer web forms, assigning users to multiple groups, liquid mode, and web forms that can be seamlessly updated without changing the URL.

  • Prepping your documents for e-signature on-demand recording
    Date: May 20, 2021
    Learn how to save time, save clicks, and reduce errors using PDF form fields and text tags.

  • Mega Sign & Web Forms on-demand recording
    Date: April 15, 2021
    Learn how to create a web form to allow individuals to complete and sign documents online, and how to use Mega Sign to send one document to multiple people with one click.

  • Workflow Designer on-demand recording
    Date: March 25, 2021
    Learn how to cut down on manual tasks and reduce human error by creating automated workflows in Adobe Sign. With Workflow Designer, you can use visual design tools to automate every task in a document workflow from start to finish. Pre-set your signers on specific documents, automatically route for approval or certification, and so much more.

  • User management & groups on-demand recording
    Date: February 11, 2021
    Learn how to enable efficient, large-scale user management in Adobe Sign by creating groups to better reflect the structure of your organization. Give users access to all the assets, library templates, and workflows they need, while allowing account admins to control, manage, and report across multiple groups.

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