Gather high-volume documents using GigaSign

Gigasign allows you to send, collect, and track documents for signature to thousands of people at the same time. It is designed for high-volume communications with your employees and customers–supporting up to 2,500 recipients with each bulk send. GigaSign leverages the Adobe Sign API to provide the same functionality as MegaSign, but includes additional support for multiple signers, recipient groups, recipient roles, agreement names, carbon copy and more.

Download and install the GigaSign app

Download GigaSign Zip File

Java 1.8 download link (only if needed)

IP Addresses to white list (only if needed)

Basic setup instructions

  1. Go to your adobe sign account -> top of screen click “Group” or “Account” whichever you see

  2. In the search field on the left side of the screen type in “Access tokens”

  3. On the right side press the “+” icon

  4. Create a key with the scopes needed (User_Read, Agreement_Read, Agreement_Write, Agreement_Send, Library_Read)

  5. Double Click the key you just created and copy the FULL text (it goes off screen to the right so make sure you get it all)

  6. Open GigaSign

  7. Press the Settings icon (top right)

  8. Paste integration key in the first line

  9. Enter email address of the account used to create that key in the second line

  10. Press submit

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