Share PDF files and review online

Use the Adobe Document Cloud review service to easily share PDF files for review from Acrobat desktop application, the Document Cloud web, or Acrobat Reader mobile app. When reviewers click the URL in the email invitation from their computer, they can easily provide their feedback in a browser without having to sign in or install any additional software.

In this exercise, we review how to,

  • Send personalized invitations for commenting
  • Send an anonymous or public link in an email

Here are the demo files for this exercise.

Send personalized invitations for commenting

Step 1: Open the localFoodTruckmenu_start.pdf file in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 1 image

Step 2: Click on Send for Comments in the right-hand panel or the Share This File With Others commentsicon icon at the top-right corner.

Step 3: Enter the email addresses of the recipients. You can enter a message to the recipients or add a deadline for review.

Step 2C image

You will receive an email notice once recipients have viewed your file.

Delivery receipt image

Reviewer Experience

The reviewers receive an email invitation with a link to the review PDF. When they click the link or the Review button in the invitation, the PDF opens in a web browser. They can use the commenting tools to add comments to the PDF. They can also use Acrobat Reader or Acrobat desktop applications to add comments.

Step 1: Open the localFoodTruckmenu_start.pdf file in Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2: Click Share A Link linkicon. The shared link is generated instantly; you won’t have to wait for the file to be uploaded to the cloud. By default, the Allow Comments switch is on.

Step 2L image

Step 3: Click Copy Link and share the link with the recipients.

Making Comments

Step 1: Click the Comment on the right-hand panel.

Click comment

Step 2: Use the top ribbon tools to markup the document and/or type a comment.

comment ui

Your comments are auto-saved and viewable to others.

Import PDF Comments to InDesign

InDesign CC 2019 allows you to import comments directly from PDF files. You can import, accept, and apply the changes with just one click. Selecting a comment in the new PDF Comments panel will locate and highlight the comment in your InDesign file.

Step 1: Download the PDF file that contains the comments.

Step 2: Open your InDesign file.

Step 3: Click File from the top menu.

PDF Comments in Indd

Step 4: Click Import PDF Comments from the dropdown.

Step 5: Open the PDF that contains the comments.

PDF Comments in Indd

Comments appear in the UI.


Review and share design versions with Acrobat. Acrobat allows you to,

  • Send a link to a PDF for others to review.
  • Review anywhere—desktop, browser, mobile.
  • Collect in a single document.
  • Manage feedback in one organized place.
  • All you need is a browser.

It’s easy to send and track comments, all in one place. Recipients can view even if they don’t have Acrobat! You can invite someone to comment via a browser. Save time and effort.

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