PDF collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Last update: 2023-08-04
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Adobe Acrobat for Teams allows users to collaborate and work with colleagues by viewing, annotating, and reviewing PDFs without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. This integration includes:

  • High quality viewing – this is only PDF viewing experience that lets you open high-fidelity PDFs directly within Microsoft Teams, for a satisfying and seamless work experience
  • Streamline PDF reviews — collect channel members’ feedback in a single PDF directly in Microsoft Teams instead of gathering and reconciling feedback via multiple attachments
  • Stay notified of progress — get notified in Teams when others take action on your documents
  • Keep reviewers informed — reviewers get notified when others reply to their comments
  • Secure collaboration – collaborate securely with trusted members and retain the ability to store document versions in Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive

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This video is part of the course Work smarter with Acrobat DC and Microsoft 365 that is available for free on Experience League!

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