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Last update: 2023-08-04
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With remote work everywhere, delivering content with speed and scale is critical. Learn how to do more right from your tablet or mobile phone with the Acrobat Reader mobile app.


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The Adobe Acrobat Reader mobile app allows you to work on documents anywhere. When you have a subscription to Acrobat DC, it unlocks advanced features when you sign into the mobile app. Let’s take a look. Just like the desktop version of Acrobat, there’s a home view. And in this view, you can see recently open files and starred files. When you tap the ellipse dots, you can choose a list view or thumbnail image of your files. At the top, there’s a notification bell just like in the desktop version. And when you tap the plus sign, you can scan a camera image to PDF. This requires that the free Adobe scan mobile app is installed. You can also edit, create, and combine files from the home view. The files list at the bottom allows you to open files from numerous different locations, including locally on your phone, or files stored securely in the document cloud. If you can’t remember the file name, just tap search and type in any word from inside the file that you remember. It finds the text from any PDF on your mobile device, shared files, and all document cloud files.

Now, when you open a file, a different set of tools appear at the top. These tools are liquid mode, view settings, find, and share a link to the file to others. If you’re not familiar with liquid mode, this allows you to read PDFs on your mobile device without having to pinch and zoom. There are even controls to adjust the default font size, character spacing, and line spacing. You can ditch having to get your reading specs out with this new tool. If you tap the pencil icon at the bottom, you can comment, fill and sign, or edit the PDF.

Let’s edit this PDF. I’ll edit the text by tapping on the content and then inserting a word.

And then when I’m done, I can share the file for review just by tapping the share with others icon at the top, and entering an email address. After sharing, you can check the progress of the PDF by tapping the shared icon at the bottom. Once you’ve shared a file with someone, you can add your own comments to the file, and use the at mention to notify others in a shared review.

When you tap the ellipse dots in the top right, you will see the messages, people, and comments for this shared file. You can also copy the shared link, like if you want to paste it into an email. And unshare the file here. If you scroll down, there are additional tools to export to other file formats, compress, combine, set a password, send a copy, star, save a copy, delete, and print. The Acrobat Reader mobile app allows you to keep projects moving wherever you are, because it’s packed with numerous productivity tools that are all part of your Acrobat DC subscription. -

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