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Go beyond the basics with these advanced tools in Acrobat DC. Learn how to create an Action to repeat mundane tasks, remove sensitive information, reduce and optimize large files, quickly gather form data, and create universally Accessible PDF files.

Acrobat tutorials

Detect differences between two PDFs Quickly and accurately detect the differences between two PDF files to improve document review workflows
Action Wizard Create an Action to automatically apply a set of commands to one or multiple files
Redact & Sanitize Permanently remove private or sensitive information from your PDF
Reduce file size & optimize Reduce large files and optimize your PDFs without compromising quality for sharing, posting, or archiving
Action Wizard Compile form data into a single spreadsheet
Preparing Accessible PDF Files Create universally accessible PDF files
Preparing Accessible PDF Files In this six-part on-demand webinar series, go from the basics of Accessiblity to a deep-dive of tagging your PDF files


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