Action Wizard

Save time and keystrokes by using an Action to automatically apply a set of commands to one or multiple files.


Available in Acrobat Pro DC only.

  1. In Acrobat Pro DC, select Action Wizard from the Tools center or pane.

    Action Wizard Step 1

    Predefined actions appear in the Actions List.

  2. To create a custom action, click New Action in the top menu bar.

    Action Wizard Step 2

  3. In the Create New Action dialog box, add commands to the action.

    To add commands, select a task from the list on the left and click the arrow in the center to add it to the column on the right.

    Settings for each task can be pre-determined in this dialog box, or you can allow the user to be prompted to make any necessary decisions as the action runs.

    Action Wizard Step 3

  4. Click Save, give your new action a name, and save it to your Action List.

Now you can run the custom action anytime you want to perform that series of steps on a PDF file.

Click to download a PDF of the Action Wizard tutorial.

Download Action Wizard tutorial.

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