The Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op is a program that lets participants work together to better identify consumers across digital touch points while ensuring the highest level of privacy and transparency. The Experience Cloud Device Co-op empowers participating brands to recognize their consumers so they can deliver more personalized experiences across devices and apps at massive scale. The Device Co-op is a core service of the Adobe Experience Cloud. It is available to Adobe customers who use Analytics, Audience Manager, Media Optimizer, or Target.


The Device Co-op allows participants to provide their consumers with a better, more consistent content experience as they migrate across devices. It does this by establishing links between a group of devices used by unknown consumers. This technology helps marketers understand and respond to consumer behaviors across devices. The results provide more accurate website engagement metrics, more personalized content, and more targeted advertising experiences across search, display, and social. Participation in Adobe Experience Cloud Device Co-op helps our members improve:

  • Customer understanding: Traditional reporting can reveal insights for a specific device. But, devices and channels don’t buy things — people do. With better reporting, the Device Co-op helps analysts and marketers answer the real people-centric questions their business is asking.
  • Content personalization: Consumers who don’t log into a brand’s website or app usually receive an experience that’s linked to the device they’re using at that moment. The Device Co-op helps marketers deliver consistent and valuable experiences based on information a brand has about a person, and not just the device they’re using.
  • Ad spend efficiency: The Device Co-op helps save marketing budgets by focusing display advertising on people, not devices. Because frequency caps typically apply to a single device, a limit of 5 ads per consumer can easily turn into 5 ads per device. With the Device Co-op, marketers can boost their ROI by targeting the person, not the device.
  • Retargeting Across Devices: Reach your consumers via the power of retargeting unlocked across the mobiles, tablets, browsers, and other devices they use everyday. Advertising is dramatically more effective if you can stay front of mind, and cross device retargeting allows your brand to do exactly that.

Adobe’s Role in the Device Co-op

In the Device Co-op, Adobe:

  • Is a data steward: Device Co-op members do not share data directly with each other. Instead, Adobe, acts as a broker to make device link data available to the co-op through the Device Graph. Device Co-op members get to work with this data through features in their enabled Experience Cloud solutions.

  • Believes in data fairness: Equitable data sharing is an important concept in the Device Co-op. All Device Co-op members receive value relative to what they contribute. If you’ve never interacted with an anonymous person through a site visit or ad impression, you won’t get any information about their devices in the Device Graph. The Device Co-op helps brands recognize familiar consumers using unfamiliar devices.

  • Supports privacy standards: Device Graph data does not include Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Excluding PII from the Device Graph helps Adobe uphold privacy standards and maintain the trust of co-op members and consumers alike.

How it works

Co-op members will give Adobe access to cryptographically hashed login IDs and HTTP header data, which fully hides a consumer’s identity. Adobe processes this data to create groups of devices (“device clusters”) used by an unknown person or household. Adobe will then surface these groups of devices through its digital marketing solutions, so Co-op members can measure, segment, target and advertise directly to individuals across all of their devices. All of this is possible without disclosing the user’s identity because the Device Co-op does not share personal data such as names, email addresses, phone numbers, or site visit data, etc. among its members.

These rules help address important privacy concerns commonly associated with cross-device technologies. In fact, with the Device Co-op, consumers will have privacy controls that exceed industry standards. The Device Co-op provides unprecedented transparency by giving consumers insights into participating brands, as well as all devices that are associated with the device currently being used. See The Device Graph: Internal Processes and Output section for more information.

Getting started

Take a moment to review the membership requirements if you want participate or to learn more about the Device Co-op. Also, see Working with Device Co-op Data in Other Experience Cloud Solutions for a summary of how other Adobe products used this data.

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