Integration prerequisites

  • This feature is in limited beta and is only available to select Adobe Exchange members. If you are interested in using Destination SDK, please contact Adobe Exchange.
  • The documentation and the functionality are subject to change.

To use Destination SDK, make sure that you meet the technical and partnership prerequisites listed in the sections below.

Technical / API prerequisites

  1. You have a REST API endpoint for Adobe Experience Platform to deliver the following types of data to:
  • Segment membership information;
  • Profile identity information;
  • (Optional) Additional attributes for profile enrichment.
  1. Your REST API endpoint supports basic authentication, API token bearer authentication, or the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol.
  2. (Optional) You have a segment create/update/delete API or API endpoint for programmatic metadata management.

Partnership prerequisites

You must be a member of the Adobe Partner Exchange program. Contact Adobe Exchange if you are interested in using Destination SDK.

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