Release Notes

Release Notes

Version 0.0.817 May 17, 2019

New Features

Feature Description

Post-Processing Hit Data

Added the ability to view values on Analytics hits after processing rules have run.

Version 0.0.810 March 6, 2019

New Features

Feature Description

Adobe Experience Platform Auditor tests

Added Platform Auditor tests to Experience Cloud Debugger

Adobe Audience Manager

Experience Cloud Debugger now displays AAM responses

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the footer was hiding content on the bottom of the page

  • Updated the Experience Cloud Debugger footer

  • Fixed an issue where outdated terminology was used for Target

Version 0.0.809 February 28, 2019

New Features

Feature Description

Embed code functions

Divide replace and insert embed code functions.


  • Fixed a potential vulnerability caused by unsanitized user input.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where AAM DIL events were not captured in the AAM tab

  • Fixed an issue in Dynamically Insert Launch where the user interface appeared to map to a different embed code when it wasn’t

  • Fixed an issue in Dynamically Insert Launch where a bad URL continued to display

  • Fixed an issue where Experience Cloud Debugger continued to replace embed codes even when the Experience Cloud Debugger window was closed

Version 0.0.806 September 10, 2018

New Features

Feature Description

Analytics link on Tools tab

Show friendly names for evars/props via Analytics API through IMS login.

Dynamically Insert Launch

From the Tools tab, you can dynamically insert Adobe Experience Platform Launch on any page to test something on a page that does not have Platform Launch installed.

Target enhancements

  • Added performance timings for Target requests.
  • Capture


  • Improved the display of the Network tab so the height of the table doesn’t get too large and force the user to scroll vertically before they can scroll horizontally. Previously, the scroll bars would appear at the bottom of the table. Because the table could get quite large, users had to scroll all the down vertically in order to see them.
  • Updated the link to ObservePoint from the Tools tab.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Experience Cloud tab was not updating

  • Fixed an issue where"Media Optimizer" showed in the Solution row of the Network tab, rather than the current “Advertising Cloud” name

  • Fixed an issue that caused Experience Cloud Debugger to inject _satellite on every page

Version 0.0.803 August 10, 2018

Version 0.0.803 does not include any customer-facing changes.

Version 0.0.802 August 1, 2018

New Features

Feature Description

Platform Auditor link on Tools tab

Added a link to Platform Auditor from the Experience Cloud Debugger

Collapsed tabs

Collapsed tabs persist on the Summary and Tool tabs

Click to view

Added click-to-view functionality to all tabs


  • Changed name of Media Optimizer to Advertising Cloud
  • Removed solutions from the Network tab if not found

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where “Click cell to view” function was not updated
  • Fixed an issue where AAM hits were not shown on AAM tab

Version 0.0.798 June 14, 2018

New Features

Feature Description

Excel export option

Added Excel export option to the Network tab.

Improved appearance

Updated the Chrome extension font to Adobe Clean.

Trackpad swipe functionality

Disabled forward/back trackpad swipe functionality.

Raw server call indicator

Added indicator that raw server call string has been copied.

Clean up Logs tab

  • Hide solutions in the Solutions Filter if no line items for that solution are found in the logs
  • Hide the Level Filter if no DTM calls are found, because it only applies to DTM
  • Change the icons shown in the Level column so they don't look clickable when nothing happens when you click
  • Standardize formatting of "Show code" on DTM line items

Update help link in footer

Update help link in footer to

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the badge number did not clear
  • Fixed an issue where a customer reported blank summary details

Version 0.0.797 May 25, 2018

New Features

Feature Description

Mbox toggles

Mbox toggles have been added to the Target tab

Filter settings are now sticky

Filter settings now stick to the top of the screen on the network and logs tabs.

View and copy network values

You can view detail and copy the value of any cell in the network tab.

Legal footer links and copyright

Added a legal footer links and copyright information to the user interface.

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