Installation Procedures for an Insight Server FSU


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The instructions for installing an Insight Server FSU and configuring it for administrative use are very similar to those for installing and configuring an Insight Server DPU.

For MS System Center Endpoint Protection in Windows 2012 Servers, these executables need to be added to the Excluded Processes:

  • InsightServer64.exe
  • ReportServer.exe
  • ExportIntegration.exe

To install and configure an Insight Server FSU, you must complete the following tasks:

  1. Install the Insight Server program files.

  2. Install the Insight Server digital certificate.

  3. Check the port settings in the Communications.cfg file.

  4. Modify the Access Control.cfg file to allow administrative access to the Server from the Client.

  5. Modify the server.address file to define the server’s network location.

  6. Set Windows memory utilization parameters as described.

  7. Register Insight Server as a Windows service as described.

    For instructions to configure data sources, permissions, and communications for an Insight Server FSU, see the Dataset Configuration Guide.

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