Confirming Your Systems Are Healthy

You must ensure that the machines on which Adobe server products are installed meet the minimum system requirements as defined in the Minimum System Requirements document.

Recommended Frequency: Every 5-10 minutes

You also must monitor your systems according to the best practices for operating that particular hardware, including, but not limited to, monitoring the following:

  • CPU usage
  • Disk space
  • Hardware system messages
  • Internal system temperature
  • Memory usage
  • Power supply conditions
  • RAID or disk controller performance and errors

Adobe recommends that you configure your management tool to alert administrators when any system parameter on a server machine exceeds the threshold you have set.

For Insight Server machines, Adobe also recommends that you configure each Insight Server to indicate when it reaches the minimum disk space limit you have set. For more information about these alerts, see Configuring Administrative Alerts.

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