Data Workbench 6.21 Update

Data Workbench 6.2.1 provides new features and bug fixes.

New Features

Data Workbench 6.2.1 includes these new features:

Features Description
Vertical Scroll Bars in Text and Wrapping Text features. Text boxes now have vertical scroll bars and wrapping text.

Sorting Thumbnails on the worktop Names sorted on the worktop are now insensitive to the case of the character, sorting alphabetically AaBbCcDd instead of ABCDabcd .

Searching dimensions based on the parent dimension.

In the Finders panel, you can now right-click on the Dimensions tab and click select Dimension Type > By Parent. A list of top-level countable dimensions will display. When you select one of these parent dimensions, a list of its subordinate dimensions will appear in the search results.

Dialog asking to open an external application.

You will now be presented with a dialog box the first time you try to open an external application in Data Workbench.

For example, if you open a text file in Notepad, you will get the following message.

This will also create a local file called InsightSES.dat placed in the client install folder.

Changing Toolbars to Buttons You can opt out of using the new toolbar icons provided in Data Workbench 6.2. by changing the Toolbar Icons argument in the insight.cfg file to false . Toolbar Icons = bool: false      

You will need to restart the client for the change to take effect.

Reset options in Propensity Scoring and Decision Trees updated In the Propensity Scoring ( Tools > Predictive Analytics > Propensity Score ) and the Decision Tree ( Visualizations > Predictive Analytics > Classifications > Decision Tree Builder ) visualizations, you now have two reset options:

Reset Models—Clears out the model but maintains the settings and inputs. Makes the Go button selectable.

Reset All—Resets all settings (as in previous design).

Bug Fixes

  • The Browsers and Operating Systems lookup files will not be updated within the legacy Traffic profile (for example, Lookups\Traffic\Browsers.txt). Instead, configuration of the Traffic profile will utilize the DeviceAtlas bundle ( Lookups\DeviceAtlas\DeviceAtlas.bundle) to provide this configuration information.

  • Data Workbench 6.2.1 will be the last release to provide a download of the 32-bit client application. All future client application downloads will be 64-bit and continue to require Windows 7 or newer. Memory limitations of the 32-bit application are addressed with the introduction of the 64-bit application beginning with the 6.1 release.


    The 32-bit version of the Data Workbench client application may experience potential issues related to memory limitations when running predictive models using the clustering and scoring features.

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