Implementing Adobe Data Workbench

The Data Workbench Implementation Guide acts as a reference for onboarding, planning, and technical questions for implementation.

Adobe Data Workbench (DWB) is a component of Adobe Analytics Premium (AAP). It is a powerful, highly-configurable visual analysis and reporting application that provides real-time, multi-dimensional metric analysis, dynamic segmentation, advanced data visualization, and extended analysis features for business professionals, data analysts, and system architects. DWB gauges the effectiveness of a company’s business objectives by analyzing how you can interact with all of your data channels, allowing you to define trends, create predictive models for forecasting, and optimize business processes for enhanced performance. By analyzing data from multiple channels, you can generate a complete view of customer behavior and identify actionable responses across your organization.

DWB is highly-configurable analytics tool of AAP customized to fit the needs of your organization. DWB allows you to visualize any type of structured data and lets you to conduct queries against the entire dataset, providing you with the ability to conduct real-time, custom, ad hoc analysis of vast amounts of data. You can then set up and schedule needed reports to be generated and delivered as you need them.

DWB provides:

  • Multichannel real-time data correlation
  • Flexible data collection from multiple sources
  • Powerful advanced data visualizations<discoiqbr>

The Data Workbench Implementation includes the following phases:

  1. Onboarding Tasks for Data Workbench
  2. Discovery and Requirements
  3. Installation and Provisioning
  4. Architecture Setup
  5. Administration Setup
  6. Configurations
  7. Post-implementation

DWB Onboarding

These onboarding instructions are for customers implementing Data Workbench with a single report suite using Adobe managed services without consulting services. If you are new to Adobe Data Workbench and Analytics Premium, the Adobe Onboarding team will be your initial contact. If upgrading from standard Adobe Analytics or an earlier version of DWB, an Adobe Customer Success Manager will contact you to begin the initial onboarding process.

See the DWB Onboarding section for more information.

DWB Discovery and Requirements

Gather inputs about the questions and tasks required to devise solution(s) in Data Workbench.

See the Discovery and Requirements section for more information.

DWB Installation and Provisioning

The Installation and Provisioning phase helps you set up the client workstation and on-premise servers, and to provision and configure these DWB components for your specific needs.

See the Installation and Provisioning section for more information.

DWB Architecture Setup

The DWB architecture lets you set up data feeds and design the schema.

See the Architecture section for more information.

DWB Administration Setup

Information about access control, errors and alerts, and server upgrades when administrating DWB.

See the Administration section for more information.

DWB Configuration and Implementation

Instructions for configuring and implementing DWB.

See the Configuration and Implementation section for more information.

DWB Post-Implementation

After setting up DWB, you can implement these features.

See the Implementation of Features section for more information.

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