Installing a Data Service on a Data Workbench Server

Information about installing a data service on a data workbench server.

If you are using the IP Geo-intelligence data service or the IP Geo-location data service, you must install either the IP Geo-intelligence or IP Geo-location profile and the related lookup files on your data workbench server. You must complete the following procedures after you have installed the data workbench Geography profile. See Installing Data Workbench Geography. If you have not installed data workbench, follow the instructions in the Data Workbench User Guide before proceeding.


To install the data service files, you must have access to the files on the data workbench server.

Adobe distributes the IP Geo-intelligence and IP Geo-location data services as .zip files. Each .zip file contains two folders: Lookups and Profiles. To install a data service on the data workbench server, you must perform the following steps:

You must install the data service profile and lookup files on the data workbench server machine on which you are processing and running your dataset profile. If you are running a data workbench server cluster, you must install the files on the master server. For information about dataset profiles, see the Dataset Configuration Guide.

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