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The Unescape URI transformation unescapes any characters in a string that have been escaped.


Escaped characters replace the unsafe characters in a URI string. They are represented by a triplet consisting of a percent sign followed by two hexadecimal digits (for example, %20).

Parameter Description Default
Name Descriptive name of the transformation. You can enter any name here.
Comments Optional. Notes about the transformation.
Condition The conditions under which this transformation is applied.
Default The default value to use if the condition is met and the input value is not available.
Input The URI string to be unescaped.
Output The name of the field in which the unescaped string is to be stored.

The following transformation unescapes the docname value in a HTTP header field and stores the output in the field x-docname-unescaped:

If the docname value were

  • mysite.net/lending%20and%20leasing%20forms/document%20library/credit%20application.doc

then the value of x-docname-unescape would be

  • mysite.net/lending and leasing forms/document library/credit application.doc

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