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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

Similar to the AppendURI transformation, the PrependURI transformation affects the internal field used by the data workbench server to construct the URI dimension.

The PrependURI transformation works by adding the value in the identified input field to the front of the value currently in the URI.

Parameter Description Default
Name Descriptive name of the transformation. You can enter any name here.
Comments Optional. Notes about the transformation.
Condition The conditions under which this transformation is applied.
Default The default value to use if the condition is met and the input value is not available.
Input The name of the field whose value is prepended to the URI.

The following example simply prepends the s-dns field onto the URI, extending the representation of the URI dimension to include the domain requested by the client device.

In this example, prepending the s-dns field to the URI

  • /modelview.asp&id=login

results in the following URL:


Now the URI is extended to include the domain requested.

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