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If you are working with web data, you can use the ExtractValue transformation to extract a value from a query string, cookie, or similarly encoded field in your website data.

Note that the name(s) corresponding to the value to be extracted can be different in each log entry.

Parameter Description Default
Name Descriptive name of the transformation. You can enter any name here.
Comments Optional. Notes about the transformation.
Condition The conditions under which this transformation is applied.
Input Name

The name(s) of the field(s) to be extracted from the Input Query.

Note: If the Input Name is a vector (that is, there are multiple names present), only one value is extracted.

Input Query The encoded mapping (query string, cookie, and so forth) from which the value is to be extracted.
Output Value The name of the field used to capture the extracted decoded value.

If you want to extract a search phrase, you can extract the entire phrase and, if desired, split the phrase into search terms using a Tokenize transformation. For information about the Tokenize transformation, see Tokenize.

This example configures an ExtractValue transformation to extract values of the x-v-search-querynames field from cs(referrer-query) and store them in the x-search-phrase field.

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