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The Copy transformation simply copies the value in the input field to the given output field. If the input field could be a vector of strings, the output field must start with “x-.”

Parameter Description Default
Name Descriptive name of the transformation. You can enter any name here.
Comments Optional. Notes about the transformation.
Condition The conditions under which this transformation is applied.
Default Used if the condition test is true and the input value is not available in the given log entry.
Input The name of the field from which to copy.
Output The name of the output field.

In this example, which uses fields of data collected from website traffic, the output field, x-purchase-success, is given the literal value of “1” each time cs-uri-stem matches /checkout/confirmed.php. If the Condition is not satisfied (that is, cs-uri-stem does not match /checkout/confirmed.php), x-purchase-success is not changed.

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