Saving a Dashboard

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

  1. To save a new dashboard, select either Save or Save As… from the Dashboard Menu at the top of the dashboard interface. For a new dashboard, both options have the same result.

    This launches the Save New Dashboard window where you can enter a title, a brief description, and location to store the dashboard.


    Dashboards can be either private or shared. If a dashboard is labeled Private on the Visibility field, only you (or a system administrator) can view and edit the dashboard. If a dashboard is labeled Shared on the Visibility field, every user of the system can view and edit the dashboard.

  2. Under the Source field, choose an image thumbnail to represent the dashboard. By default, a screenshot of the dashboard will be taken and used as the thumbnail for the dashboard.

    This thumbnail will be used if the Captured Screenshot option is selected. If you would like to use another image file, select the Image File option and choose the image you would like to represent the dashboard.


    If your browser does not support screenshot capture, then a default screenshot will be used. In this case you may wish to select an image file to represent the dashboard instead.

  3. Click Save to save the dashboard to the server. You will be the owner of this dashboard and will have full control over it in the future.

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