Reusing a segment visualization

If you want to use the same segment information again, you can save the segment visualization, the workspace containing the segment visualization, or save the segments themselves as a dimension.

If you would like all users of a profile to use the segments and dimensions that you create or modify, a user with the appropriate permissions must upload them to the appropriate profile using the Profile Manager. See Publishing Files to Your Working Profile.

To save the segment visualization for use in other workspaces

  1. Right-click the top border of the segment visualization and click Save. The Save window appears. The default save location is the User*profile name*\Work folder.
  2. In the File name field, type a more descriptive name for the visualization and click Save.

To retrieve the saved segment visualization

  1. Right-click within the workspace and click Open > File. The Open Visualization window appears.
  2. Navigate to the segment visualization that you saved in the User*profile name*\Work folder.
  3. Select the segment visualization file ( *.vw) and click Open.

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