Creating a User Group

  1. Click Create Group to bring up the New Group form.

  2. Fill in the necessary fields to complete the form:

    Option Description
    Group Name Enter a unique group name.
    Description Enter a brief description of the group (optional).
    Profile Access Select which profiles this group will have access to.

    Administrator: Save, view, modify, and delete all dashboards for all profiles. Administrator privileges allow a user to log in to the administration area and perform all administrative functions.

    Read-Only: Restrict permissions to read-only for dashboards. The user cannot add or modify visualizations or save dashboards.

    No permissions checked (default): No permissions checked grants regular users permissions to the group. These users can create and modify visualizations, save dashboards, and view the dashboards they have access to.

    Available Users / Group Members Drag-and-drop users from the list of Available Users into the Group Members section. The group members can be modified at any time.
  3. Click Create Group to create the user group.

    If the operation was successful, you will see a message indicating that the user group was successfully created.

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