Activation includes the latest tag management product called Experience Platform Data Collection (Launch) and Experience Cloud Triggers.

Experience Platform Launch

Deploy and manage the analytics, marketing, and advertising tags necessary to power relevant customer experiences.

See Experience Platform Launch Quickstart Guide.

Experience Cloud Triggers

Experience Cloud Triggers enables marketers to define and monitor key consumer behaviors, and then generate cross-application communication for use in real-time decisions and personalization.

Task Description

Create Experience Cloud Triggers

Step-by-step instructions to create Experience Cloud Triggers using Adobe Analytics data.

Experience Cloud Triggers are available for use in Adobe Campaign.

Using Triggers in Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign Standard 16.7 introduces an integration with the new Trigger service. This service enables business users to easily define triggers based on online behavioral data captured in Adobe Analytics. Once the trigger is defined, it is available in Adobe Campaign to support remarketing messages that drive engagement and conversions. This new out-of-the-box feature allows marketers to trigger remarketing messages at the right time, based on online events like cart abandonment, pages views, and videos watched.

Experience Cloud Debugger

The Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger extension for Chrome examines your web pages and helps you find problems with how your Experience Cloud applications are implemented.

See Experience Cloud Debugger for help.

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