About the new cloud names in Experience Cloud

Learn about latest branding updates for the clouds, how to navigate the interface, and where to find help for solutions and core services.

New cloud names

The latest cloud names and the solutions in each cloud:

Experience Cloud

Replaces Marketing Cloud as the parent cloud name for all Adobe’s digital experience solutions and services.


You might continue to see references to Marketing Cloud in its previous, broader context until all the solution interfaces are re-branded to Enterprise Cloud.

Marketing Cloud

Includes the following solutions:

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Primetime
  • Adobe Social

Analytics Cloud

Includes the following solutions:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Audience Manager

Advertising Cloud

Includes Media Optimizer and TubeMogul.

What are the solutions?

The following information briefly describes the solutions and provides links to help. Use case recipes are also available to help you with digital marketing workflows.

Adobe Analytics

To get started in Analytics:

  1. Create your first Analytics report suite (data repository) using the steps described in Getting Started with Adobe Analytics.
  2. Then, deploy Analytics code using Experience Platform Launch.

Experience Platform Launch is the next-generation of tag management and gives you a simple way to deploy and manage all the analytics, marketing, and advertising tags.

See also:

Adobe Target

Adobe Target integrates with Analytics and other Experience Cloud core services. Useful getting started topics:

Adobe Experience Manager

As a content management solution, Adobe Experience Manager makes it easy to manage your assets and content for your websites, mobile apps, communities, and forms.

See Adobe Experience Manager 6.5 for help.

Adobe Audience Manager

As a data management platform, Adobe Audience Manager helps you build unique audience profiles, so you can discover and target your most valuable customer segments on every channel.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud is a programmatic ad-buying solution. It helps you find and forecast the best mix of ad channels based on your budget, then automates the delivery of content right to your audience.

Adobe Campaign

Adobe Campaign lets you plan, deliver, and measure campaigns across all your online and offline channels. It helps increase your productivity and deliver relevant experiences to your customers.

Adobe Primetime

Adobe Primetime is a multi-screen TV platform that helps broadcasters create engaging TV and film experiences that are personalized for any audience.

What are core services?

Core services include features that simplify product implementation and enable cross-solution workflows, such as audience segmentation, customer attribute uploading, and collaboration tools.

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