Monitor key contacts and events

Identifying events planned on your instances is essential to monitor your Campaign instances.

With Control Panel, you can monitor releases and service reviews occurring on your instances and access a list of key contacts at Adobe for any request or issue.

These information are accessible from the Service Calendar card on Control Panel homepage.

Key contacts

The Key contacts section lists the persons at Adobe that you can contact for any request or issue on your instances.


This section will show information only for Managed Service Accounts.

Key contacts include the following roles:

  • TAM: Technical Account Manager,
  • CSM: Customer Success Manager,
  • Deliverability: point of contact for deliverability operations,
  • Transition Manager: Managed Services Transition Manager (Managed Services Account only),
  • On-boarding Specialist: Specialist assigned to the account to help you on-board onto Campaign Classic (Managed Services Account only).


The Service Event Calendar section shows all past and upcoming releases and service reviews for the selected instance.

The Note column provides information on the status of each release:

  • General availability: Latest available stable build.
  • Limited availability: On-demand deployment only.
  • Release candidate: Engineering validated. Waiting for production proofing.
  • Pre release: Earlier availability for specific customer needs.
  • No longer available: The build holds no major issue but a new one is available with additional bug fixes. An upgrade is required.
  • Deprecated: Build embedding known regressions.
    The build is no longer supported. An upgrade is mandatory.

You can assign a flag to one or several upcoming events to keep track of them. To do this, click the ellipse button next to the event name.

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