Throughtputs and latency monitoring

Control Panel allows you to monitor delivery throughputs and latency for each of your instances.


This feature is available to all Campaign Standard and v8 customers, and to Campaign V7 customers with build numbers 9032,9330, 9346 or 9349 that have standalone deployments (without any mid instance).

Monitoring how delivery throughputs and latency are trending over a period of time is essential to understand the usage of your instances and ensure they are performing well.

This information is made available in Control Panel for each of your Campaign instances in the Performance Monitoring card, Throughputs & Latency tab (note that the Control Panel may take up to 1 hour to display the figures).

  • The Throughput area provides information regarding the number of messages sent per hour from the selected Campaign instance for all the communication channels that you are entitled to.


    For Campaign v7/v8, throughput number shown is the throughput achieved from MID (mid sourcing) instances. For standalone marketing (MKT) deployments (without any MID instance), throughput from MKT instance is shown instead.

  • The Latency area provides information regarding the latency encountered on the selected instance when sending real-time transactional communications. Latencies are captured and visualized at 95 and 99 percentile, meaning that 95% and 99% of the requests should be faster than the given latency.


All figures presented in this area are approximate and for information purposes only.

By default, data is displayed for the current day. You can change the displayed period of time using the 6 months, 30 days and 7 days buttons.

You can also visualize information in a tabular format with sortable columns rather than a graph. To do this, click the Visualization settings button then select Table.

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