Connect to an SFTP server

Accessing Control Panel SFTP Management

To access the SFTP Management in Control Panel, go to:

How to connect to an SFTP server

Connecting to SFTP servers requires:

  • allow listing the IP address from which you are connecting to the SFTP server
  • Private/public key pair that must be registered with Adobe Campaign
  • If connecting to the SFTP server directly, you also need SFTP client software

This video explains how to connect to your SFTP Server using a client SFTP application, using the keys you have stored in the Control Panel.


In this video, I will show you how to connect to your SFTP server using a client SFTP application and the keys you have stored in control panel.

As prerequisites, you need to have allow list at the IP address from which you are trying to reach the SFTP server and these need to be public.

A public/private key pair needs to be registered for your campaign instance, and if you want to connect to the server directly, you need to have access to a client SFTP application to log into your SFTP account. Consult with your internal IT team which application you should be using. Let me show you how to connect. Go to the control panel to key management.

Here, you can see if the required keys are registered.

I will launch my SFTP client.

Now I’ll select SFTP as the connection method at the server address. If you’re not sure you can find the address here from the dropdown in the control panel.

To be able to connect, you will need to add the suffix Now add the username, and you can see the password is getting populated automatically, that’s because I’ve connected a few times before, so the system remembers it. As the next step, you will need to specify the private key with which you would like to connect. I would store it on my computer, CPtraining.

Now in the last step, I want to be sure that I have actually saved the public version of the key in the control panel. I can quickly run a command to generate a fingerprint for that key, so I’m going to do that, and here you can see the fingerprint has been generated, and by the way, the private and public keys share fingerprints. Now I can safely connect, and voila, I’m connected. -

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