Support metrics

The following diagram shows typical metrics/KPIs collected and reported for L1 functions:

Diagram showing SLA metrics

Measurement and reporting of L2 services (enhancements and optional services) are similar to development projects. Performance and progress of the L2 teams are measured by metrics like velocity, code quality, test effectiveness, and productivity.

Key Performance Measurement Unit of Measure Reported Metrics
Velocity Number No. of story points the team were able to deliver for the sprint
Sprint Commitment Efficiency Percentage Total no. of Story Points committed Vs Delivered for a Sprint
Sprint Burn down Number Chart (Report, tracks the completion of work throughout the sprint)
Code Quality Numbers, Percentage Complexity, LoC, Violations, Code coverage for the sprint
Requirement volatility Number # of requirements change/ total # requirements for the sprint
Defect Density Percentage [No. of valid Defects found/Total No .of Test cases executed]*100 for the sprint
Test Effectiveness Percentage [Valid Defects raised/(Valid Defects raised+ Rejected defects)]*100 for the sprint
Productivity Number (trend) Story points delivered per sprint / capacity

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