Maintenance phase

The maintenance phase includes the following activities:

  • Bug fixing
  • Catalog management
  • Configuration
  • Feature enhancements
  • Indexing
  • Managed Services
  • Site monitoring
  • Upgrades

The following sections include best practice information for the maintenance phase.

Bug fixes

Best practice Description
Quality Patches Tool usage Apply, revert, and view general information about all Adobe Commerce patches.

Catalog management

Best practice Description
Product Catalog Management Commerce & Coffee recording that describes strategies for managing product catalogs.


Best practice Description
Scheduling Admin updates on production sites Manage critical Adobe Commerce updates to prevent slow performance and outages.

Database management

Best practice Description
Resolve database performance issues​ Fix database issues that slow performance on Adobe Commerce sites deployed on cloud infrastructure.
Adobe Commerce 2.3.5 upgrade prerequisites for MariaDB​ Prepare your MariaDB database for an upgrade.

Feature enhancements

Best practice Description
Personalization Commerce & Coffee recording that describes personalization strategies.
E-Commerce Trends Commerce & Coffee recording that describes ecommerce trends.
AI Automation Commerce & Coffee recording that describes personalization possibilities with artificial intelligence and automation.


Best practice Description
How to reindex Use cron jobs or the CLI tool to run reindexing.
Configure indexers​ Optimize site performance by following best practices for indexer configuration.
Order processing Improve checkout and order processing performance.

Site Monitoring

Best practice Description
Audit frontend performance Identify and address issues that negatively impact site performance by using web performance tools.
Ready, Set, Maintain Tips for maintaining your Adobe Commerce sites to maximize business value and uptime.
Use the Site-Wide Analysis Tool View important insights about your Adobe Commerce site in one place.
Monitor performance, disk space, and logs Use New Relic to monitor key performance insights about your Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure site.


Best practice Description
Patching at scale Learn how centralized patching for Adobe Commerce can help you manage enterprise projects.
Update services and components to latest version​ keep your Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure technology stack updated.
Upgrade checklist for Adobe Commerce​ Create and use an upgrade checklist to plan your Adobe Commerce upgrade strategy.

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