Launch phase

Last update: 2023-11-07
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The launch phase includes the following activities:

  • Final pre- and post-launch checklist reviews
  • Production deployment
  • Security configuration
  • Service verification
  • Performance monitoring

The following sections include best practice information for the launch phase.

Security configuration

Best practice Description
Adobe Security Notification Service Subscribe to Adobe security notifications.
Secure your Commerce site and infrastructure Harden the security posture of Commerce installations to protect the Commerce storefront, admin, infrastructure, and data against unauthorized access and cyber attacks.
Google reCAPTCHA Configure Google reCAPTCHA for Admin access and various storefront actions initiated by registered customers.
Configure web crawlers Pass instructions about your Adobe Commerce site to web crawlers.
Verify security configuration Review checklist items before launching an Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure site.

Performance Monitoring

Best practice Description
Use the Site-Wide Analysis Tool View important insights about your Adobe Commerce site in one place.

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