Revert from Split Database

Last update: 2023-05-16
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This feature is available for Adobe Commerce instances only.

For Adobe Commerce customers who have implemented Split Database, the following topic describes how to revert or migrate back to a single database. We recommend that Adobe Commerce merchants currently using Split Database and plan to upgrade to 2.4.2 and later review these steps, as well as our announcement on the planned deprecation of Split Database.

Reverting from a split database to a single database involves creating backups of the magento_quote and magento_sales databases before loading them into the single magento_main database.

In this example, we log in to all three databases, which are installed on the same host (magento2-mysql) as the “root” user. You must replace these values with the appropriate values for your databases.

  1. Create a backup of the magento_quote database:

    mysqldump -h "magento2-mysql" -u root -p magento_quote > ./quote.sql
  2. Create a backup of the magento_sales database:

    mysqldump -h "magento2-mysql" -u root -p magento_sales > ./sales.sql
  3. Load the magento_quote database into the magento_main database:

    mysql -h "magento2-mysql" -u root -p magento_main < ./quote.sql
  4. Load the magento_sales database into the magento_main database:

    mysql -h "magento2-mysql" -u root -p magento_main < ./sales.sql
  5. Drop the magento_sales database:

    mysql -h "magento2-mysql" -u root -p -e "DROP DATABASE magento_sales;"
  6. Drop the magento_quote database:

    mysql -h "magento2-mysql" -u root -p -e "DROP DATABASE magento_quote;"
  7. Remove the deployment configuration for checkout and sales in the connections and resources sections of the env.php file.

  8. Restore foreign keys:

    bin/magento setup:upgrade

Verify your work

To verify that your single database implementation is working properly, perform the following tasks and verify that data is added to the magento_main database tables using a database tool like phpMyAdmin:

  1. Verify that foreign keys have been restored. For example, the QUOTE_STORE_ID_STORE_STORE_ID key in the quote database table.
  2. Verify that customers can place orders from the storefront.
  3. Verify that orders created before reverting the split database to a single database are available in the Admin.

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