General and advanced configuration paths reference

Last update: 2023-05-17
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This topic lists general and advanced configuration paths and not sensitive and system-specific values. The magento app:config:dump command writes these values to the shared configuration file, app/etc/config.php, which should be in source control.

To optionally override any configuration settings or to set sensitive settings, see Use environment variables to override configuration settings.

General category

This section lists variable names and configuration paths available for options in the Admin under Stores > Settings > Configuration > General.

General paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > General.

Name Config path Commerce only? Sensitive?
Default Country general/country/default Sensitive
Allow Countries general/country/allow Sensitive
Zip/Postal Code is optional for general/country/optional_zip_countries Sensitive
European Union Countries general/country/eu_countries Sensitive
Top destinations general/country/destinations
State is Required for general/region/state_required
Allow to Choose State if It is Optional for Country general/region/display_all
Timezone general/locale/timezone
Locale general/locale/code
Weight Unit general/locale/weight_unit
First Day of Week general/locale/firstday
Weekend Days general/locale/weekend
Access Restriction general/restriction/is_active Commerce-only
Restriction Mode general/restriction/mode Commerce-only
Startup Page general/restriction/http_redirect Commerce-only
Landing Page general/restriction/cms_page Commerce-only
HTTP Response general/restriction/http_status Commerce-only
Store Name general/store_information/name
Store Phone Number general/store_information/phone
Store Hours of Operation general/store_information/hours
Country general/store_information/country_id
Region/State general/store_information/region_id
ZIP/Postal Code general/store_information/postcode
City general/store_information/city
Street Address general/store_information/street_line1
Street Address Line 2 general/store_information/street_line2
VAT Number general/store_information/merchant_vat_number
Enable Single-Store Mode general/single_store_mode/enabled

Web paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Web.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Add Store Code to Urls web/url/use_store
Auto-redirect to Base URL web/url/redirect_to_base
Use Web Server Rewrites web/seo/use_rewrites
Use Secure URLs on Storefront web/secure/use_in_frontend
Use Secure URLs in the Admin web/secure/use_in_adminhtml
Enable HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) web/secure/enable_hsts
Upgrade Insecure Requests web/secure/enable_upgrade_insecure
Offloader header web/secure/offloader_header
CMS Home Page web/default/cms_home_page
CMS No Route Page web/default/cms_no_route
CMS No Cookies Page web/default/cms_no_cookies
Show Breadcrumbs for CMS Pages web/default/show_cms_breadcrumbs
Cookie Lifetime web/cookie/cookie_lifetime
Use HTTP Only web/cookie/cookie_httponly
Cookie Restriction Mode web/cookie/cookie_restriction
Validate REMOTE_ADDR web/session/use_remote_addr
Validate HTTP_VIA web/session/use_http_via
Validate HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR web/session/use_http_x_forwarded_for
Validate HTTP_USER_AGENT web/session/use_http_user_agent
Use SID on Storefront web/session/use_frontend_sid
Redirect to CMS-page if Cookies are Disabled web/browser_capabilities/cookies
Show Notice if JavaScript is Disabled web/browser_capabilities/javascript
Show Notice if Local Storage is Disabled web/browser_capabilities/local_storage

Currency setup paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Currency setup.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Base Currency currency/options/base
Default Display Currency currency/options/default
Allowed Currencies currency/options/allow
Yahoo Finance Exchange TBD TBD
Webservicex TBD
Connection Timeout in Seconds currency/yahoofinance/timeout
Connection Timeout in Seconds currency/fixerio/timeout
Connection Timeout in Seconds currency/webservicex/timeout
Enabled currency/import/enabled
Service currency/import/service
Start Time currency/import/time
Frequency currency/import/frequency
Error Email Recipient currency/import/error_email
Error Email Sender currency/import/error_email_identity
Error Email Template currency/import/error_email_template

Contacts paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Contacts.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Enable Contact Us contact/contact/enabled
Send Emails To contact/email/recipient_email
Email Sender contact/email/sender_email_identity
Email Template contact/email/email_template

Reports paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Reports.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Year-To-Date Starts reports/dashboard/ytd_start
Current Month Starts reports/dashboard/mtd_start

Content management paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > Content Management.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Enable WYSIWYG Editor cms/wysiwyg/enabled
Use Static URLs for Media Content in WYSIWYG for Catalog cms/wysiwyg/use_static_urls_in_catalog
Enable Hierarchy Functionality cms/hierarchy/enabled
Enable Hierarchy Metadata cms/hierarchy/metadata_enabled
Default Layout for Hierarchy Menu cms/hierarchy/menu_layout

New Relic reporting paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > General > New Relic Reporting.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Enable New Relic Integration newrelicreporting/general/enable
New Relic Application Name newrelicreporting/general/app_name
Enable Cron newrelicreporting/cron/enable_cron

Advanced category

This section lists variable names and config paths available for options in the Admin under Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced.

Admin paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Admin.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Forgot Password Email Template admin/emails/forgot_email_template
Forgot and Reset Email Sender admin/emails/forgot_email_identity
User Notification Template admin/emails/user_notification_template
Startup Page admin/startup/menu_item_id
Use Custom Admin URL admin/url/use_custom
Use Custom Admin Path admin/url/use_custom_path
Admin Account Sharing admin/security/admin_account_sharing
Password Reset Protection Type admin/security/password_reset_protection_type
Recovery Link Expiration Period (hours) admin/security/password_reset_link_expiration_period
Max Number of Password Reset Requests admin/security/max_number_password_reset_requests
Min Time Between Password Reset Requests admin/security/min_time_between_password_reset_requests
Add Secret Key to URLs admin/security/use_form_key
Login is Case Sensitive admin/security/use_case_sensitive_login
Admin Session Lifetime (seconds) admin/security/session_lifetime
Maximum Login Failures to Lockout Account admin/security/lockout_failures
Lockout Time (minutes) admin/security/lockout_threshold
Password Lifetime (days) admin/security/password_lifetime
Password Change admin/security/password_is_forced
Enable Charts admin/dashboard/enable_charts
Enable CAPTCHA in the Admin admin/captcha/enable
Font admin/captcha/font
Forms admin/captcha/forms
Displaying Mode admin/captcha/mode
Number of Unsuccessful Attempts to Login admin/captcha/failed_attempts_login
CAPTCHA Timeout (minutes) admin/captcha/timeout
Number of Symbols admin/captcha/length
Symbols Used in CAPTCHA admin/captcha/symbols
Case Sensitive admin/captcha/case_sensitive
Enabled Actions admin/magento_logging/actions

System paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > System.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Successful Messages Lifetime system/mysqlmq/successful_messages_lifetime
Retry Messages In Progress After system/mysqlmq/retry_inprogress_after
Failed Messages Lifetime system/mysqlmq/failed_messages_lifetime
New Messages Lifetime system/mysqlmq/new_messages_lifetime
Generate Schedules Every system/cron/index/schedule_generate_every
Schedule Ahead for system/cron/index/schedule_ahead_for
Missed if Not Run Within system/cron/index/schedule_lifetime
History Cleanup Every system/cron/index/history_cleanup_every
Success History Lifetime system/cron/index/history_success_lifetime
Failure History Lifetime system/cron/index/history_failure_lifetime
Use Separate Process system/cron/index/use_separate_process
Generate Schedules Every system/cron/default/schedule_generate_every
Schedule Ahead for system/cron/default/schedule_ahead_for
Missed if Not Run Within system/cron/default/schedule_lifetime
History Cleanup Every system/cron/default/history_cleanup_every
Success History Lifetime system/cron/default/history_success_lifetime
Failure History Lifetime system/cron/default/history_failure_lifetime
Generate Schedules Every system/cron/staging/schedule_generate_every Commerce-only
Schedule Ahead for system/cron/staging/schedule_ahead_for Commerce-only
Missed if Not Run Within system/cron/staging/schedule_lifetime Commerce-only
History Cleanup Every system/cron/staging/history_cleanup_every Commerce-only
Success History Lifetime system/cron/staging/history_success_lifetime Commerce-only
Failure History Lifetime system/cron/staging/history_failure_lifetime Commerce-only
Use Separate Process system/cron/staging/use_separate_process Commerce-only
Generate Schedules Every system/cron/catalog/event/schedule_generate_every Commerce-only
Schedule Ahead for system/cron/catalog/event/schedule_ahead_for Commerce-only
Missed if Not Run Within system/cron/catalog/event/schedule_lifetime Commerce-only
History Cleanup Every system/cron/catalog/event/history_cleanup_every Commerce-only
Success History Lifetime system/cron/catalog/event/history_success_lifetime Commerce-only
Failure History Lifetime system/cron/catalog/event/history_failure_lifetime Commerce-only
Use Separate Process system/cron/catalog/event/use_separate_process Commerce-only
Use Separate Process system/cron/default/use_separate_process
Disable Email Communications system/smtp/disable
Set Return-Path system/smtp/set_return_path
Return-Path Email system/smtp/return_path_email
Installed Currencies system/currency/installed
Use HTTPS to Get Feed system/adminnotification/use_https
Update Frequency system/adminnotification/frequency
Last Update system/adminnotification/last_update
Enable Scheduled Backup system/backup/enabled
Backup Type system/backup/type
Start Time system/backup/time
Frequency system/backup/frequency
Maintenance Mode system/backup/maintenance
Log Entry Lifetime, Days system/rotation/lifetime
Log Archiving Frequency system/rotation/frequency
Caching Application system/full_page_cache/caching_application
TTL for public content system/full_page_cache/ttl
Grace period system/full_page_cache/varnish/grace_period
Export Configuration system/full_page_cache/varnish/export_button_version4
Days Saved in Log system/bulk/lifetime
Media Storage system/media_storage_configuration/media_storage
Select Media Database system/media_storage_configuration/media_database (deprecated in Commerce 2.4.3)
Environment Update Time system/media_storage_configuration/configuration_update_time
Save Files, Days system/magento_scheduled_import_export_log/save_days
Enable Scheduled File History Cleaning system/magento_scheduled_import_export_log/enabled
Start Time system/magento_scheduled_import_export_log/time
Frequency system/magento_scheduled_import_export_log/frequency
Error Email Template system/magento_scheduled_import_export_log/error_email_template

Developer paths

These configuration values are available in the Admin in Stores > Settings > Configuration > Advanced > Developer.

Name Config path Commerce only?
Workflow type dev/front_end_development_workflow/type
Allow Symlinks dev/template/allow_symlink
Minify Html dev/template/minify_html
Enable Template Path Hints for Storefront dev/debug/template_hints_storefront
Enable Template Path Hints for Admin dev/debug/template_hints_admin
Add Block Names to Hints dev/debug/template_hints_blocks
Log to File dev/debug/debug_logging
Log to syslog dev/syslog/syslog_logging
Enabled for Storefront dev/translate_inline/active
Enabled for Admin dev/translate_inline/active_admin
Merge JavaScript Files dev/js/merge_files
Enable JavaScript Bundling dev/js/enable_js_bundling
Minify JavaScript Files dev/js/minify_files
Translation Strategy dev/js/translate_strategy
Log JS Errors to Session Storage dev/js/session_storage_logging
Merge CSS Files dev/css/merge_css_files
Minify CSS Files dev/css/minify_files
Image Adapter dev/image/default_adapter
Sign Static Files dev/static/sign
Asynchronous indexing dev/grid/async_indexing
Cache User Defined Attributes dev/caching/cache_user_defined_attributes

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