What’s new in Commerce Services documentation

The following items are recent changes to the documentation:

Service Change Type
Payment Services Added information to the Settings and the legacy configuration topics about flushing the cache after configuration changes. Update
Added an Available data topic that explains how to use financial reporting data for external reconciliation purposes. New
Revised documentation to include the new data visualization view in Payouts reporting. Update
Added instructions for enabling/disabling credit card and PayPal smart buttons for checkout. Update
Quick Checkout Updated the release notes page with the v1.3.0 Quick Checkout extension and Admin panel release. Update
Added new topic for the Quick Checkout Admin panel about reports and updated the existing Onboarding topic with information about new settings in the configuration page. New
Added an overview topic about the Admin Panel. New
Added a user setup topic to guide the user in configuring roles and permissions. New
Live Search Updated release notes for the Live Search 2.04 release. Update
Product Recommendations Migrated the Product Recommendations developer content to the existing Product Recommendations section. Update

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