What’s new in Commerce Services documentation

The following items are recent changes to the documentation:

Service Change Type
Payment Services Added information to the Settings and the Legacy configuration topics about flushing the cache after configuration changes. Update
Added a topic about card vaulting. Also updated configuration information in the Settings and Legacy config) topics, and sections in the Payments options and Security topics. Also created a redirect for the Payment options topic, which now has a new place in the left-hand TOC Payments and checkout section. New, Updated
Added information about the availability of Instant Purchase (a Commerce feature) for Payment Services to the Payment options and Introduction to Payment Services topics. Updated
Quick Checkout Added a new topic for the Quick Checkout Admin panel about reports and updated the existing onboarding topic with information about new settings in the configuration page. New, Update
Updated the release notes page with the v1.3.0 Quick Checkout extension and Admin panel release. Update

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