Adobe Commerce Services Guides

Adobe provides a collection of Commerce, integration, and data services to help merchants support key components of their business.

Live Search Live Search
Implement this AI-powered search tool that delivers smarter, faster and relevant results for B2C shoppers.
Product Recommendations Product Recommendations
Add AI-fueled recommendations based on shopper behavior, popular trends, product similarity, and more.
Catalog Service Catalog Service
Give your customers an optimized product experience while boosting performance, improving scalability, and increasing conversions.
Payment Services Payment Services
(Available for Magento Open Source)
Drive customer satisfaction by easily offering various payment methods, including interest-free payment installments, and a single view into payment processing, orders, and invoices.
Quick Checkout Quick Checkout
(Available for Magento Open Source)
Convert one-time shoppers into loyal account holders by delivering a fast and intuitive shopping experience.
Store Fulfillment Store Fulfillment
Deliver a superior buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) customer experience and maximize employee productivity by providing a comprehensive fulfillment workflow enabled through a mobile device.
Amazon Sales Channel Amazon sales channel
(Available for Magento Open Source)
Integrate with the world's largest global online shopping destination to enable Amazon sales, provide data automation and synchronization, manage Amazon listings, and more through a single dashboard.
Channel Manager Channel Manager
(Available for Magento Open Source)
Increase sales, reach new customers, streamline operations, and save time by integrating with the Walmart Marketplace. Enable staff to manage Walmart Marketplace sales, inventory, and pricing seamlessly---all in Commerce.

Connect to services

The Commerce Services Connector provides the integration for your Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source instance using an API key and a private key. For data services (Adobe Commerce only), you can also specify the data space in the configuration.

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