Connect the Store Fulfillment Solution

Establish the connection between Adobe Commerce and Store Fulfillment services by configuring the required authentication credentials and connection data from the Admin.


Complete the connection configuration and validate the connection successfully before you begin testing.

Create an Adobe Commerce integration

To integrate Adobe Commerce with Store Fulfillment services, you create a Commerce integration and generate access tokens that can be used to authenticate requests from Store Fulfillment servers.

  1. From the Admin, create the Integration for Store Fulfillment.

    • Name the extension
    • Enter your email address
    • Enter your Admin account password
  2. Configure API Resource Access permissions for the integration—select All

  3. Generate the access tokens for authentication by saving and activating the integration.

  4. Copy and save the access tokens to a secure, encrypted location.

  5. Work with your Account Manager to complete the configuration on the Store Fulfillment side and to authorize the integration.


For detailed instructions, see Integrations in the Adobe Commerce User Guide.

Configure Store Fulfillment account credentials

After you complete the intake form, a Walmart Store Fulfillment account is created for you. You will receive the following credentials when they are available:

  • Merchant ID
  • Consumer ID
  • Consumer Secret
  • API Server URL
  • Token Auth Server URL (usually the same as above configuration)

These credentials are required to configure and use Store Fulfillment.


The account creation process can take some time to complete. While you wait for credentials, review amd configure other settings for the Store Fulfillment solution.

Add credentials to connect to Store Fulfillment

  1. Configure account credentials for the Production and Sandbox environments.

  2. From the Admin, go to Stores > Configuration > Services > Store Fulfillment by Walmart Commerce Technologies

  3. Enter the account credentials provided for the Production environment. All fields are required.

  4. Select Save Config.

  5. Test the connection by selecting Validate Credentials.


If the credentials are invalid, verify that you entered the correct values for each environment and revalidate. Contact your account representative if you still have problems connecting.

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