An existing Adobe Commerce user: How it works

Last update: 2023-09-06
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An existing Adobe Commerce user can select saved shipping and payment details when placing an order with the Quick Checkout for a faster checkout experience.

When a shopper enters their email address at checkout, the Quick Checkout validates it and finds an existing Bolt account.

Registered user in both Adobe Commerce and Bolt

When a shopper is a registered user in both Adobe Commerce and Bolt networks, both networks are provided stored shipping and payment details.

If a Bolt account is found during checkout, shoppers can continue with their Quick Checkout seamless checkout experience:

  1. Input the One-Time Password (OTP) sent to that Bolt account’s email address or mobile, depending on user’s preferences in the Bolt account.
OTP Pop-up
  1. Once logged in with your Bolt account, the details are automatically added:

    • Shipping information
    • Payment method
  2. Place your order.


The Bolt OTP pop-up only appears when the shopper is on the checkout page. The shopper can opt out from logging in to Bolt by closing that pop-up window.

If the shopper is logged in to Adobe Commerce prior to checkout, the Bolt OTP pop-up will not appear during checkout, but a message appears suggesting the shopper to log in to access their Bolt Wallet.

If you encounter issues when you place an order as an existing Adobe Commerce user, see the Troubleshoot Quick Checkout issues article in the Adobe Commerce Help Center.

Automatic login

The Automatic Login component detects when a shopper has an active Bolt session and automatically logs the shopper in. This skips the account detection and one-time passcode (OTP) steps because the shopper completed them in a previous session.

It is possible to configure an automatic login for Quick Checkout users. You can enable a configuration to automatically login a user during checkout.

  1. On the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Checkout to access the general Checkout Admin config page.
  2. In the Service Settings section for Quick Checkout, provide all details required to setup automatic login.

See Quick Checkout configure service settings topic for more information.


First time login when automatic login is enabled requires consent from the user to authorize it by accepting a pop-up window.

New Bolt account

If no Bolt account is found, shoppers continue with their default out-of-the-box Adobe Commerce checkout and the shopper selects all necessary details from their saved information to place the order:

  • Shipping and billing information

  • Shipping method

  • Review payment method

  • The option to register in Bolt for faster checkouts before placing the order appears. The shopper can agree to the terms and conditions to create their Bolt account.

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