Facet Technical Notes

Faceting is a high-performance filtering method that uses multiple dimensions of searchable static and dynamic attribute values as search criteria.

Live Search uses the productSearch query which returns faceting and other data that is specific to Live Search. Refer to productSearch query for code examples.

Facet aggregation

Facet aggregation is performed as follows: if the storefront has three facets (categories, color and price) and the shopper filters on all three (color = blue, price is from $10.00-50.00, categories = promotions).

  • categories aggregation - Aggregates categories, then applies the color and price filters, but not the categories filter.
  • color aggregation - Aggregates color, then applies theprice and categories filters, but not the color filter.
  • price aggregation - Aggregates price, then applies the color and categories filters, but not the price filter.

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