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Last update: 2023-06-28
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Using templates saves you time and effort when creating content (or replacing older content). For example, you can save your existing Page Builder content as a template, and then apply that template (with all of its content and layouts) to another area to quickly create Page Builder content.

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Today, I’m going to be showing how templates allow merchants to easily save their content into their layouts to scale their efforts across their storefront experiences. So templates are containers that save Page Builder content. Your layouts of existing pages, your blocks, your dynamic blocks, product attributes, category descriptions, and so on. Using templates allows you to save time and effort when you’re creating new content or you’re replacing your old content. So instead of having to create the same page all over again, you can save your existing Page Builder content as that template, save that template and then apply it to new pages to quickly create new experiences. So, here I am in my Templates menu. I can search by Keyword as well as Filter. This makes it easy to find all of my different templates. And so let’s say I’m trying to create a new type of homepage. For certain users, I want to display something a little bit different than what I’ve been showing today.

Instead of having to recreate all of this rich content, you know, somewhat rich content, that I already have created for my homepage. What I can do is save this as a template. I can name it. This is going to be my generic Homepage.

And I can also choose what it is created for. This doesn’t actually impact anything besides searching. It’s just basically a tag to help me find this template in the future. When I hit Save, OK, it’s now saved as a template. I can even apply a different template here. Now, when I go to my Template page, I can see this template now popping up. And for example, let’s go back here to my pages. If I want to add a new page, instead of starting from scratch, all I have to do is apply this template.

I’ll hit OK. And now we’re starting with what we already have, and I can make any modifications on top of this. So, templates allow you to scale your efforts, to save your content and layouts, and save your time and effort when you’re creating new stuff for your websites. To learn more about how to use Page Builder templates, you can go to our Commerce User Guide. -

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