Out-of-process extensibility

Adobe Commerce development has historically been done using the same repository as the main application. This is called in-process. This technique is very good and offers the developer an expected mechanism for extending the application. However, this comes at a price. Every time you add new code to the codebase it has to be compatible with any upgrades. You also have to be compatile with the servers PHP version as well as many other server applications and services that commerce will utilize. Adobe Developer App Builder takes the same requirement of extending the functionality but moves it off site. The code and logic are completely external and this method is refered to as out-of-process.

App Builder for Adobe Commerce

Adobe Developer App Builder provides an extensibility framework for developers to extend Adobe Commerce to provide out-of-process extensibility.

App Builder provides a unified third-party extensibility framework for integrating and creating custom applications that extend Adobe Commerce. Since this extensibility framework is built on Adobe’s infrastructure, developers can build custom microservices, as well as extend and integrate Adobe Commerce across Adobe solutions and other third-party integrations.

App Builder provides a way for customers to extend Adobe Commerce in various use cases:

  • middleware extensibility - Connect external systems with Adobe applications by building custom connectors or take advantage of a suite of pre-built integrations.
  • core services extensibility - Extend core application capabilities by extending the default behavior with custom features and business logic.
  • user experience extensibility - Extend core experience to support business requirements or build customer-specific digital properties, storefronts, and back-office applications.

App Builder (previously known as Project Firefly) is a cloud-based solution, which means that it automatically scales. This service is also globally distributed to allow the best performance regardless of your geographic location.

Why should you learn more about App Builder

Since Adobe Commerce is not a fully SAAS, the code you develop or install can add complexity and upgrade issues. By using out-of-process extensibility, such as App builder, you can provide custom, unique functionality to your Adobe Commerce store without requiring in-process methods.

Other benefits include:

  • Decoupled features allow for faster time to launch.
  • Upgrades are now easier. The custom features are outside the commerce codebase, which prevents compatibility issues when upgrading.
  • Moving features and logic outside of commerce frees up resources that are normally used by in-process development methods.


Instead of an out-of-the-box solution, Adobe Developer App Builder provides a common, consistent, and standardized development platform for extending Adobe Cloud solutions such as Adobe Commerce including:

  • Adobe Developer Console used for custom microservice and extension development. Build and manage projects while accessing all the tools and APIs needed to create plugins and integrations.
  • Open-source tools, SDKs, and libraries to build custom extensions and integrations. Use React Spectrum (Adobe’s UI toolkit) to have one common UI for all Adobe apps.
  • services such as I/O Runtime for hosting infrastructure on Adobe’s serverless platform and I/O Events for event-based integrations. Adobe also provides out-of-the-box support for storing data and files.
  • Adobe Experience Cloud where you submit extensions and integrations to publish in your Experience Cloud Org. System admins can review, manage, and approve these extensions. Once published, your custom App Builder extensions and tools are available alongside other Adobe Experience Cloud apps.

The following diagram illustrates how a standard application built on App Builder uses these functionalities:


For more details about the App Builder architecture, see the Architecture Overview.

Get Started with App Builder

To help you get started with App Builder, Adobe has created the following documentation:

Continue learning with Documentation

App Builder provides videos and documentation for developers, including guides and reference documentation to help develop your own custom applications:

Try Out One of the Sample Applications

Ready to start developing? The following link contains sample applications to help get you started:


For developer support requests, use the Experience League forum for assistance.

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