Cannot access the correct cloud project

This article provides a fix for the following issues after a change has been made to the account ownership or the associated email addresses:

  1. You are unable to access the correct cloud Adobe Commerce project(s).
  2. No cloud Adobe Commerce projects are shown under your account at
  3. You are seeing the details of another account (i.e., the previous account owner) at


You are unable to access the correct cloud Adobe Commerce project when there are changes in ownerships or changes in email addresses.

Affected products and versions


This issue typically happens when previous project owner’s single sign-on (SSO) is still integrated with after:

  1. The cloud project ownership had been transferred to you (the user) and you see the original project owner’s account. Click here for the solution.


  2. You (the user) have moved to a different company, accompanied by a change in the email address and the projects you have access to. You see the projects that you had been granted access to in your previous role/company. Click here for the solution.


  3. You have changed your email address at to another email address that is not currently associated with a cloud project. Click here for the solution.

Solution for cause one and two

The solution for when the issue is caused by one and two is disconnecting the single sign-on integration with Follow the steps below to disconnect:

  1. From, expand the Single Sign-On section. Click Disconnect from, to disconnect.


  2. Click Disconnect.


  3. Log out.

  4. Click on the button.

  5. You should now be able to see the correct account and access the correct cloud project.

Solution for cause three

If the issue has been caused by cause three, ask an existing super user on the project to add your new email address to the project. For more information, refer to Manage user access.

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