Installation stops at about 70%

Last update: 2023-07-27
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This article provides a fix for when installation stops at about 70%.


During installation using the Setup Wizard, the process stops at about 70% (with or without sample data). No errors display on the screen.


Common causes for this issue include:


Set all of the following as appropriate.

All web servers and Varnish

  1. Locate your php.ini using a phpinfo.php file.

  2. As a user with root privileges, open php.ini in a text editor.

  3. Locate the max_execution_time setting.

  4. Change its value to 18000 .

  5. Save your changes to php.ini and exit the text editor.

  6. Restart Apache:

    • CentOS: service httpd restart
    • Ubuntu: service apache2 restart

    If you use nginx or Varnish, continue with the following sections.

nginx only

If you use nginx, use our included nginx.conf.sample or add a timeout settings in the nginx host configuration file to the location ~ ^/setup/index.php section as follows:

location ~ ^/setup/index.php {
    fastcgi_read_timeout 600s;
       fastcgi_connect_timeout 600s;

Restart nginx: service nginx restart

Varnish only

If you use Varnish, edit default.vcl and add a timeout limit value to the backend stanza as follows:

backend default {
      .first_byte_timeout = 600s;

Restart Varnish.

service varnish restart

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