MBI Webinars

The MBI webinar series is a periodic event for MBI customers. The webinars cover a wide range of topics and best practices for using MBI to its fullest potential.

Attendees from all geographies can join the events live to understand the product better and to get their questions on MBI functionality answered directly.

The topics are repeated occasionally to accommodate any new questions that the customers may ask.

Staff picks

Getting Started with MBI

Learn about the core functionality of MBI directly from the Commerce Product team with a deep dive into pre-configured dashboards and customization options available.

Managing Data Sets in MBI

Learn about some of the powerful features of the MBI Data Warehouse Manager, directly from the Adobe Commerce Product team. Move beyond basic report building and learn how to do more with your data.

Optimize Your MBI Data Warehouse

Using the Data Warehouse Manager, you can manage table and column sync settings, drill down into a table's schema, and create calculated columns to use in reports.


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