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Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure uses Composer to manage PHP packages.

The composer.json file declares the list of packages, whereas the composer.lock file stores a complete list of the packages (a full version of each package and its dependencies) used to build an installation of Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source.

The following reference documentation is generated from the composer.lock file, and it covers required packages included in Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure 2.4.6.


magento/magento-cloud-metapackage 2.4.6 has the following dependencies:

fastly/magento2: ^1.2.34
magento/ece-tools: ^2002.1.0
magento/module-paypal-on-boarding: ~100.5.0
magento/product-enterprise-edition: >=2.4.6 <2.4.7

Third-party licenses

Apache-2.0, LGPL-2.1-only

Name Type Description
elasticsearch/elasticsearch library PHP Client for Elasticsearch
opensearch-project/opensearch-php library PHP Client for OpenSearch


Name Type Description
astock/stock-api-libphp library Adobe Stock API library
aws/aws-crt-php library AWS Common Runtime for PHP
aws/aws-sdk-php library AWS SDK for PHP - Use Amazon Web Services in your PHP project
paypal/module-braintree metapackage Braintree Magento
wikimedia/less.php library PHP port of the LESS processor


Name Type Description
bacon/bacon-qr-code library BaconQrCode is a QR code generator for PHP.
beberlei/assert library Thin assertion library for input validation in business models.
dasprid/enum library PHP 7.1 enum implementation
webimpress/safe-writer library Tool to write files safely, to avoid race conditions


Name Type Description
colinmollenhour/cache-backend-file magento-module The stock Zend_Cache_Backend_File backend has extremely poor performance for cleaning by tags making it become unusable as the number of cached items increases. This backend makes many changes resulting in a huge performance boost, especially for tag cleaning.
colinmollenhour/php-redis-session-abstract library A Redis-based session handler with optimistic locking
fastly/magento2 magento2-module Fastly CDN Module for Magento 2.4.x
firebase/php-jwt library A simple library to encode and decode JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in PHP. Should conform to the current spec.
google/recaptcha library Client library for reCAPTCHA, a free service that protects websites from spam and abuse.
laminas/laminas-captcha library Generate and validate CAPTCHAs using Figlets, images, ReCaptcha, and more
laminas/laminas-code library Extensions to the PHP Reflection API, static code scanning, and code generation
laminas/laminas-config library provides a nested object property based user interface for accessing this configuration data within application code
laminas/laminas-crypt library Strong cryptography tools and password hashing
laminas/laminas-db library Database abstraction layer, SQL abstraction, result set abstraction, and RowDataGateway and TableDataGateway implementations
laminas/laminas-di library Automated dependency injection for PSR-11 containers
laminas/laminas-escaper library Securely and safely escape HTML, HTML attributes, JavaScript, CSS, and URLs
laminas/laminas-eventmanager library Trigger and listen to events within a PHP application
laminas/laminas-feed library provides functionality for creating and consuming RSS and Atom feeds
laminas/laminas-file library Locate PHP classfiles
laminas/laminas-filter library Programmatically filter and normalize data and files
laminas/laminas-http library Provides an easy interface for performing Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests
laminas/laminas-i18n library Provide translations for your application, and filter and validate internationalized values
laminas/laminas-json library provides convenience methods for serializing native PHP to JSON and decoding JSON to native PHP
laminas/laminas-loader library Autoloading and plugin loading strategies
laminas/laminas-mail library Provides generalized functionality to compose and send both text and MIME-compliant multipart e-mail messages
laminas/laminas-math library Create cryptographically secure pseudo-random numbers, and manage big integers
laminas/laminas-mime library Create and parse MIME messages and parts
laminas/laminas-modulemanager library Modular application system for laminas-mvc applications
laminas/laminas-mvc library Laminas's event-driven MVC layer, including MVC Applications, Controllers, and Plugins
laminas/laminas-oauth library
laminas/laminas-permissions-acl library Provides a lightweight and flexible access control list (ACL) implementation for privileges management
laminas/laminas-recaptcha library OOP wrapper for the ReCaptcha web service
laminas/laminas-router library Flexible routing system for HTTP and console applications
laminas/laminas-server library Create Reflection-based RPC servers
laminas/laminas-servicemanager library Factory-Driven Dependency Injection Container
laminas/laminas-session library Object-oriented interface to PHP sessions and storage
laminas/laminas-soap library
laminas/laminas-stdlib library SPL extensions, array utilities, error handlers, and more
laminas/laminas-text library Create FIGlets and text-based tables
laminas/laminas-uri library A component that aids in manipulating and validating » Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)
laminas/laminas-validator library Validation classes for a wide range of domains, and the ability to chain validators to create complex validation criteria
laminas/laminas-view library Flexible view layer supporting and providing multiple view layers, helpers, and more
laminas/laminas-zendframework-bridge library Alias legacy ZF class names to Laminas Project equivalents.
nikic/php-parser library A PHP parser written in PHP
tedivm/jshrink library Javascript Minifier built in PHP
tubalmartin/cssmin library A PHP port of the YUI CSS compressor


Name Type Description
colinmollenhour/cache-backend-redis magento-module Zend_Cache backend using Redis with full support for tags.


Name Type Description
ezyang/htmlpurifier library Standards compliant HTML filter written in PHP
php-amqplib/php-amqplib library Formerly videlalvaro/php-amqplib. This library is a pure PHP implementation of the AMQP protocol. It's been tested against RabbitMQ.


Name Type Description
braintree/braintree_php library Braintree PHP Client Library
brick/math library Arbitrary-precision arithmetic library
brick/varexporter library A powerful alternative to var_export(), which can export closures and objects without __set_state()
christian-riesen/base32 library Base32 encoder/decoder according to RFC 4648
colinmollenhour/credis library Credis is a lightweight interface to the Redis key-value store which wraps the phpredis library when available for better performance.
composer/ca-bundle library Lets you find a path to the system CA bundle, and includes a fallback to the Mozilla CA bundle.
composer/class-map-generator library Utilities to scan PHP code and generate class maps.
composer/composer library Composer helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of PHP projects. It ensures you have the right stack everywhere.
composer/metadata-minifier library Small utility library that handles metadata minification and expansion.
composer/pcre library PCRE wrapping library that offers type-safe preg_* replacements.
composer/semver library Semver library that offers utilities, version constraint parsing and validation.
composer/spdx-licenses library SPDX licenses list and validation library.
composer/xdebug-handler library Restarts a process without Xdebug.
doctrine/annotations library Docblock Annotations Parser
doctrine/deprecations library A small layer on top of trigger_error(E_USER_DEPRECATED) or PSR-3 logging with options to disable all deprecations or selectively for packages.
doctrine/lexer library PHP Doctrine Lexer parser library that can be used in Top-Down, Recursive Descent Parsers.
endroid/qr-code library Endroid QR Code
ezimuel/guzzlestreams library Fork of guzzle/streams (abandoned) to be used with elasticsearch-php
ezimuel/ringphp library Fork of guzzle/RingPHP (abandoned) to be used with elasticsearch-php
friendsofphp/proxy-manager-lts library Adding support for a wider range of PHP versions to ocramius/proxy-manager
graylog2/gelf-php library A php implementation to send log-messages to a GELF compatible backend like Graylog2.
guzzlehttp/guzzle library Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client library
guzzlehttp/promises library Guzzle promises library
guzzlehttp/psr7 library PSR-7 message implementation that also provides common utility methods
illuminate/collections library The Illuminate Collections package.
illuminate/config library The Illuminate Config package.
illuminate/contracts library The Illuminate Contracts package.
illuminate/macroable library The Illuminate Macroable package.
justinrainbow/json-schema library A library to validate a json schema.
league/flysystem library File storage abstraction for PHP
league/flysystem-aws-s3-v3 library AWS S3 filesystem adapter for Flysystem.
league/mime-type-detection library Mime-type detection for Flysystem
monolog/monolog library Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services
mtdowling/jmespath.php library Declaratively specify how to extract elements from a JSON document
nesbot/carbon library An API extension for DateTime that supports 281 different languages.
paragonie/constant_time_encoding library Constant-time Implementations of RFC 4648 Encoding (Base-64, Base-32, Base-16)
paragonie/random_compat library PHP 5.x polyfill for random_bytes() and random_int() from PHP 7
pelago/emogrifier library Converts CSS styles into inline style attributes in your HTML code
phpgt/cssxpath library Convert CSS selectors to XPath queries.
phpgt/dom library The modern DOM API for PHP projects.
phpseclib/mcrypt_compat library PHP 5.x-8.x polyfill for mcrypt extension
phpseclib/phpseclib library PHP Secure Communications Library - Pure-PHP implementations of RSA, AES, SSH2, SFTP, X.509 etc.
psr/cache library Common interface for caching libraries
psr/container library Common Container Interface (PHP FIG PSR-11)
psr/event-dispatcher library Standard interfaces for event handling.
psr/http-client library Common interface for HTTP clients
psr/http-factory library Common interfaces for PSR-7 HTTP message factories
psr/http-message library Common interface for HTTP messages
psr/log library Common interface for logging libraries
psr/simple-cache library Common interfaces for simple caching
ralouphie/getallheaders library A polyfill for getallheaders.
ramsey/collection library A PHP library for representing and manipulating collections.
ramsey/uuid library A PHP library for generating and working with universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).
react/promise library A lightweight implementation of CommonJS Promises/A for PHP
sabberworm/php-css-parser library Parser for CSS Files written in PHP
seld/jsonlint library JSON Linter
seld/phar-utils library PHAR file format utilities, for when PHP phars you up
seld/signal-handler library Simple unix signal handler that silently fails where signals are not supported for easy cross-platform development
spomky-labs/aes-key-wrap library AES Key Wrap for PHP.
spomky-labs/otphp library A PHP library for generating one time passwords according to RFC 4226 (HOTP Algorithm) and the RFC 6238 (TOTP Algorithm) and compatible with Google Authenticator
spomky-labs/pki-framework library A PHP framework for managing Public Key Infrastructures. It comprises X.509 public key certificates, attribute certificates, certification requests and certification path validation.
symfony/config library Helps you find, load, combine, autofill and validate configuration values of any kind
symfony/console library Eases the creation of beautiful and testable command line interfaces
symfony/css-selector library Converts CSS selectors to XPath expressions
symfony/dependency-injection library Allows you to standardize and centralize the way objects are constructed in your application
symfony/deprecation-contracts library A generic function and convention to trigger deprecation notices
symfony/error-handler library Provides tools to manage errors and ease debugging PHP code
symfony/event-dispatcher library Provides tools that allow your application components to communicate with each other by dispatching events and listening to them
symfony/event-dispatcher-contracts library Generic abstractions related to dispatching event
symfony/filesystem library Provides basic utilities for the filesystem
symfony/finder library Finds files and directories via an intuitive fluent interface
symfony/http-foundation library Defines an object-oriented layer for the HTTP specification
symfony/http-kernel library Provides a structured process for converting a Request into a Response
symfony/intl library Provides a PHP replacement layer for the C intl extension that includes additional data from the ICU library
symfony/polyfill-ctype library Symfony polyfill for ctype functions
symfony/polyfill-intl-grapheme library Symfony polyfill for intl's grapheme_* functions
symfony/polyfill-intl-idn library Symfony polyfill for intl's idn_to_ascii and idn_to_utf8 functions
symfony/polyfill-intl-normalizer library Symfony polyfill for intl's Normalizer class and related functions
symfony/polyfill-mbstring library Symfony polyfill for the Mbstring extension
symfony/polyfill-php72 library Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 7.2+ features to lower PHP versions
symfony/polyfill-php73 library Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 7.3+ features to lower PHP versions
symfony/polyfill-php80 library Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 8.0+ features to lower PHP versions
symfony/polyfill-php81 library Symfony polyfill backporting some PHP 8.1+ features to lower PHP versions
symfony/process library Executes commands in sub-processes
symfony/proxy-manager-bridge symfony-bridge Provides integration for ProxyManager with various Symfony components
symfony/serializer library Handles serializing and deserializing data structures, including object graphs, into array structures or other formats like XML and JSON.
symfony/service-contracts library Generic abstractions related to writing services
symfony/string library Provides an object-oriented API to strings and deals with bytes, UTF-8 code points and grapheme clusters in a unified way
symfony/translation library Provides tools to internationalize your application
symfony/translation-contracts library Generic abstractions related to translation
symfony/var-dumper library Provides mechanisms for walking through any arbitrary PHP variable
symfony/yaml library Loads and dumps YAML files
thecodingmachine/safe library PHP core functions that throw exceptions instead of returning FALSE on error
web-token/jwt-framework symfony-bundle JSON Object Signing and Encryption library for PHP and Symfony Bundle.
webmozart/assert library Assertions to validate method input/output with nice error messages.
webonyx/graphql-php library A PHP port of GraphQL reference implementation
zordius/lightncandy library An extremely fast PHP implementation of handlebars ( ) and mustache ( ).

OSL-3.0, AFL-3.0

Name Type Description
paypal/module-braintree-graph-ql magento2-module N/A
temando/module-shipping-remover magento2-module Removes Temando multi-carrier shipping extension from Magento 2


Name Type Description
temando/module-shipping metapackage Temando multi-carrier shipping extension for Magento 2


Name Type Description
2tvenom/cborencode library CBOR encoder for PHP


Name Type Description


Name Type Description
paypal/module-braintree-core magento2-module Fork from the Magento Braintree 2.2.0 module by Gene Commerce for PayPal.

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